Everything you need to know about online payment methods!

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Online payment methods: what are they and how can they make life easier for entrepreneurs and consumers?

Online games have become a highly competitive and disputed market lately, attracting people of all ages – children, teenagers, adults and entrepreneurs!

The gaming market has become quite promising in recent years, as people are becoming increasingly interested in games. 

What are the most relevant game monetization methods on the market?

Having an online business in the gaming industry is a great opportunity, mainly because it will not go out of style. Therefore, the entrepreneur must understand how the behavior of consumers and customers in this area works.

It is important to know what game monetization is, how it helps you value your business products, as well as attracting more customers to your company.

Monetization is nothing more than a strategy to generate revenue by selling or inserting images, ads, links or any other content format.

In practice, it is possible for the customer to create a game and thus use the tools offered by his company to:

  • Charge a one-time fee to download the app or game;
  • Offer a free version of the game or app and then offer a subscription charge;
  • Sell upgrades for game characters;
  • Generate content apps initially free of charge, and then offer an amount to be paid;

Each of these methods can be used by entrepreneurs in the game area, as they are practical, easy to adapt and implement in the business in order to generate more revenue and attract more customers.

The payment methods that must be implemented in your business

Knowing how to monetize your products and services, your company’s monthly and annual revenue will be increasingly larger and more consistent, attracting customers, partners and new ways of doing business.

When buying products and services on the internet, you must choose between the various payment methods available on the website or online store, in order to finalize the purchase.

Imagine that your customer does not use a credit card, as he prefers to make direct cash transfers, as it is a cheaper and safer method.

Other customers may prefer to make payment with bank slip, payment gateway and other ways to buy a certain product or service.

Which of these methods is the best? In fact, the best is the one that your customer wants to use, so today’s companies need to be willing to offer maximum payment options to customers, that they feel free to choose, use and recommend with feedback positive to your company.

Let’s learn about the main payment methods and what are the advantages of each one:

1- Credit and debit card: 

This is one of the payment methods most used by customers, mainly because it has quicker and easier verification.

It is important that the company accepts all credit or debit card brands, which are mainly: Mastercard, Visa, HiperCard, American Express, Elo and etc.

The virtual payment environment must also be secure and protected by anti-fraud systems and theft of customer card data.

You should then check and research the fees charged by the card machine companies in order to choose the one that pays off most for the customer and the entrepreneur.

Advantages of paying by credit or debit card:

  • Installment payments of interest-free purchases and several times;
  • Easy payment;
  • Guarantee and security in transactions;
  • Speed ​​and efficiency when paying;
  • The customer can choose how often they want to pay for their purchases;

2- Bank Slip: 

Is one of the payment methods considered safe and easy to perform. It is enough that the shopkeeper or entrepreneur has an account with a digital or physical bank that performs this type of service, thus sending the slips to their customers.

The only disadvantage of this option is that it is not possible to split the customer’s purchases in installments, generating a ticket with only the total amount of the invoice.

Advantages of payment via bank slip:

  • Guarantee of payment in cash, as well as depositing the money directly in the company’s account;
  • Scheduled payment, making the client schedule to do it on the right day;
  • Secure payment method;
  • It is a payment option for those who do not use or do not have a credit / debit card;

3- Deposit: 

It is a secure form of payment, but it may take a little longer to fall into the company’s account. As mentioned above, companies must provide as many forms of payment as possible, thus facilitating the customer’s choice.

If the bank deposit is made via “AET” – Available Electronic Transfer, the money will fall on the same day in the company’s account (being business day). But if it is via “COD” – Credit Order Document, it can take from one to two business days to fall into the company’s account.

Advantages of payment via deposit:

  • Payment for cash purchases;
  • Possibility to provide more discount to the customer;
  • Secure payment method;
  • A good option for customers who do not use a credit / debit card;

4- Direct account debit: 

This form of payment looks like the debit card, however, the difference is that when paying, the bank account number is used and not the debit card.

It is then a cash transaction made by the banks, so it is considered equally secure. Payment via direct account debit is also used for recurring services, such as Netflix monthly fees and other fixed expenses.

Advantages of payment via direct deposit into account:

  • Secure and guaranteed payment;
  • Received on time;
  • There are no extra fees;
  • The customer will feel more secure with this form of payment;

5- Payment via gateway: 

These are platforms, virtual spaces where bank transactions for the purchase and sale of products and services of companies of all sizes are carried out.

Advantages of payment via gateway:

  • Secure platform for customer purchase and sale transactions;
  • Can identify and finalize several payments at once;
  • It works as a secure virtual environment to carry out bank transactions;
  • For companies selling online games, this is one of the most appropriate payment methods to be used, as it gathers all the customer’s information, ensuring a safe and fast purchase.
Internet fraud – how to prevent it

The internet is a very important work tool for any business, however, without the right care it can be appropriated by people of bad conduct – such as hackers, for example.

Just do a quick search on the internet to find out the high number of people who have been harmed, or had their bank accounts accessed by third parties. The main internet frauds that can happen during online transactions and purchases are:

  • Sites that request the customer’s bank details via email or WhatsApp, claiming that they need to update them.
  • Be wary of sites that have spelling errors, low-quality images or little contact information.
  • Never send personal data to third parties or people who pretend to be company owners.
  • There are countless fake profiles on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, they usually present themselves without a profile picture, little contact information and already request bank details or impersonate people known to the victim.
Latam Gateway – the solution for your customers’ payment methods!

Latam Gateway is one of the largest gaming companies in Latin America, developed and managed by specialists with over 15 years of experience. Its main mission is to help customers monetize their games, as well as their digital companies through local and instant payments that rely on their own technology, in order to increase sales in the area – and, of course, attract more customers.

The payment methods used by most entrepreneurs can become limited, due to the lack of knowledge and necessary information to teach this target audience how it can be easier to make and receive payments without bureaucracy!

It works as follows: customers and users of online games and entrepreneurs in the digital business connect with the platform

Latam Gateway, and thus begin to verify the strategies of monetization and payment of games, bank transactions and other routines that need to be done.

Discover the features available on the Latam Gateway platform

Latam Gateway manages to bring together in one platform several functionalities and available payment methods:

Bank slip Express

Issuance of as many payment slips as you need, in PDF or TIF format, and you can even send them by e-mail.

Express Transfer

It is a type of cash transfer, carried out in a much faster, safer and more efficient way than other types of deposits, with the possibility of payment confirmation within 15 minutes.

Express Deposit

Making bank deposits in cash, with payment confirmation within 15 minutes.

Credit card

Payments made with Visa, Mastercard, HyperCard and other credit cards. It has a guarantee against chargeback (chargebacks).

Digital wallets

It gathers the main forms of payment and cards registered by the customer, transforming bank details into a secret code called a token.

They may also contain thousands of active digital wallet customers in the Brazilian market.


It is a new way to make quick transactions, either through the mobile application or other registered payment methods. The news was announced by the Brazilian Central Bank.

Customer service

It is about serving the customer with excellence, speed and dedication in the main languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Legal Assistance

You can count on Latam Gateway’s legal assistance to sell throughout Brazil through local payments.

Latam Gateway offers complete payment solutions for the following countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

Solutions for you, gamer!

Gamers are gaining more and more space and attention, since they are video game players – whether professionally or not.

Nowadays, the number of consoles and highly technological equipment for games has conquered an increasing number of people, making the simple hobby become something more recurrent and professional.

You who are a gamer, probably have no patience for those slow and difficult to navigate platforms, right? Especially when you want to buy a game, update a character and even monetize a game you have created, the most important words are: speed, efficiency, agility and technology.

How does the Latam Gateway payment system work?

All that the businessman most wants is that his routine be facilitated, even when it comes to offering customers several possibilities of payment for his products and services.

Thinking of the entrepreneur and the client, Latam Gateway developed its company based on payment methods, game monetization and development of digital companies, in order to become a reference and authority on the internet.


If most games are free, why should I monetize mine?

Why this is an excellent way to make money doing what you love, trusting a platform that guarantees the security and speed of online transactions.

The question is, why not monetize my game? Thus, you receive from customers and other successful gamers through payment methods directly in your account registered on the Latam Gateway platform.

Know that there are thousands of companies registered with it, thus forming a team of people that besides enjoying playing, are moving and supporting other companies in the field.

How can Latam Gateway help me in practice?

Let’s list the benefits of relying on Latam Gateway to monetize your games, get paid quickly for them, buy skins and update characters:

  • Make your purchases over the internet more safely, quickly and quickly, using highly technological resources;
  • Processing payment slips and bank transfers more assertively;
  • Pay quickly for purchases or receive money from customers, even on weekends or holidays;
  • While you play, Latam Gateway works for your well-being and the convenience of your financial transactions;

No more bank lines! Hours and hours lost in lines waiting to be served to pay slips, transfer money or simply make a bank withdrawal!

To reinforce knowledge: with the Latam Gateway you pay the slips, buy what you want, make transfers, clear your doubts, receive the product and can start shopping again. All of this in just 30 minutes!

The growth in the number of gamers in Brazil

The Game Brazil Research (PGB) conducted a data collection in the country to find out how many of them are gamers. The result is impressive: today there are about 75.7 million players in Brazil.

Among them, more than 85% made the purchase of an item or virtual enhancement in their online games, showing that the game market is very disputed and gains the direct attention of those who enjoy the games – whether online, on the computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Latam Gateway wants to bring more and more possibilities and safe payment methods for you or your company, without neglecting the security and speed of transactions. Who is already a customer of the company managed to increase monthly sales by up to 40%!

What gamers can do to monetize their games

In addition to being able to count on Latam Gateway to make your payments and receipts from customers, it is important to know all forms of monetization that can be applied in games, adding more value to your business or hobby.

Ideas for monetizing games:

  1. Sell in-game coins or create premium coins;
  2. Lifetime items that players buy;
  3. Special items sold only during holidays and holidays;
  4. Different rewards offered each season in the game;
  5. New characters each season;
  6. Different skills of each player;
  7. Give the player the chance to stay in the game if he is almost losing;
  8. Wall of offers of skills, skins and other accessories weekly;
  9. Make banner advertisements in the footers of the games;
  10.  Videos monetized before the game or at each stage won;
  11. Notifications via SMS communicating about any game offer;
  12. Offer the possibility for players to pay to remove ads;
  13. Sell levels in the game that can be unlocked;
  14. Provide a free version of the simplest game and a full paid version;
  15. Provide a subscription model for your game;
  16. Create an email list of your customers or gambling partners and send them offers;
  17. Offer daily gifts and rewards;
  18. Incorporate games on social networks;
  19. Promote paid tournaments and the possibility to interact with several players at the same time;
  20. How about creating items and accessories that resemble the game, such as: t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, stuffed animals, pens, notebooks, pillows, keychains and etc.

How to undertake in the area of games?

If you are a person who loves games, interacting with customers or are already a gamer, you can take the opportunity to start an entrepreneur in the area.

Do not worry! We will present you with the basic steps to follow this path and of course, realistic and easy to implement suggestions.

Choose a gaming niche: we know that there are several games on the market, so it is important to select the ones you like best.

Target audience: every enterprise must be aimed at one or more people.

Company name: needs to be attractive, attractive and appropriate to the business.

Establish a space to start working: you need to be well ventilated and organized.

Equipment: whichever branch is chosen, it is necessary to acquire the highest quality and highly technological equipment to support the joint access of several people at the same time, as well as ample memory on computers and servers.

Games Agency: how about opening an agency responsible for creating and promoting new games on the market? They are important to also manage the demands of the players and that they command the development well until the dissemination of games.

Game design: if you know how to design, like to draw and play games, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and undertake in the area! Game designers, in addition to winning very well, need to create characters that attract the attention of gamers and be successful.

Freelance developer: don’t want to open a large agency? Smoothly! Just start out on your own, creating games, designing them and posting them on social networks, emails, websites and blogs.

Billing: establish how much you want to earn in the chosen area of ​​action, being realistic with the prices and that they can cover your expenses and, of course, make a profit!

Study competition in the market: it is not possible to create a business from scratch without first studying its direct competition.

This is important not only to understand how it works, but also to serve customers in a different and unique way.

Never stop learning: every successful entrepreneur knows exactly where he wants to go, and for that reason, he continues to study and specialize to add more and more value to his business, surprising and captivating the customer.

Participate in industry events: annually, games are held in the game area, whether in Brazil or in other parts of the world. It is of utmost importance that the entrepreneur participates in them, as trends, news and great opportunities arise in these moments.

Now it is much easier for you to decide how you want to make money from your games, where to start and what is best for your business.

In addition, you can count on Latam Gateway to provide the appropriate and personalized payment methods for your business, so that your customers are always satisfied and become fixed partners in your enterprise.

Facilitating payment on the internet not only optimizes your time, but also makes your customer see you as a reliable company that can be counted on, ready to offer the best solutions in technology, agility, speed and efficiency in payment and receipt of cash values.

Do you want to know more about our solutions? Contact us right now and get to know Latam Gateway!

WhatsApp: 55 (44) 98867-7251

Or fill out the form with your question and send it to us, who will soon contact our specialists!


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