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The 3rd Camp GB: The Biggest Free Fire Celebration in Latin America!

Latam Gateway is thrilled to announce that our incredible partners, Weo Games and Binance Pay, are organizing the 3rd Camp GB, the largest Free Fire community event in Latin America. This is the perfect opportunity for the Free Fire community to come together and celebrate their passion for the game.

About the 3rd Camp GB:

Following the phenomenal success of previous events, the 3rd Camp GB promises to be an extraordinary experience. Bringing together Free Fire players, enthusiasts, and professionals, this championship represents the pinnacle of competition and camaraderie in Latin America.

In addition to conventional games, this event introduces the “Super Prized” mode, offering cash prizes in every round, along with weekly challenges, live broadcasts, and repurchase rounds, all happening simultaneously.

“Super Prized” Mode:

Innovation is the key! Introducing the “Super Prized” mode, the 3rd Camp GB provides an exciting opportunity for participants to win money in each round, adding an extra layer of strategy and excitement. In this super-prized mode, players also have the chance to earn an Extra Life, getting back into the game for another shot at winning prizes!

Innovation with Binance Pay:

Binance Pay is revolutionizing in-game payments by introducing the direct use of cryptocurrencies. When purchasing from Weo Games, payment is made through Binance Pay, utilizing the cutting-edge technology of Latam Gateway.

Want to learn more about our technology and various payment methods? Contact us.

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