Reporting channel

We value ethical and transparent conduct within our company, therefore, we understand that it is extremely important to be aware of possible violations related to our Code of Ethics, then, aware of these irregularities, we can repair the violations.

For this reason, LATAM GATEWAY will keep this reporting channel available so that is possible to report situations of internal or external conduct that violate the guidelines of the Code of Ethics and other relevant regulations, standards, and laws, or any other conduct that it deems inconsistent with the expected by employees, directors, customers, partners, involved in the company, guaranteeing the complainant absolute secrecy and total anonymity.

LATAM GATEWAY guarantees that manifestations are investigated, respecting the pillars of investigation secrecy, protection of whistleblowers and investigation efficiency.

This reporting channel is open to all interested parties, remembering that it is not necessary to identify yourself, and anonymity is guaranteed.

To file a complaint, simply fill out the form below, identifying the agent and describing the fact as clearly as possible.