Payment methods

To operate in Brazil, it is necessary to keep in mind that in addition to being a large country, it also has a rich culture, and these cultural differences often extend to customs in terms of consumption and payment.

In addition to speed, we also need to understand the peculiarities of each region, so we provide different payment methods that are most often used in each location, in a personalized way, to meet the needs of the regional culture.

We have mastered this market knowledge so that you can reach the entire country, from North to South, increasing your sales, without red tapes.

Our motto is agility and practicality, so we always work looking for the most responsive means available on the market.

The average operation time for our payment methods is only 15 minutes!

Get to know our payment methods

We support all payment methods that are local to and most often used in each region of the country. Choose the payment methods that best meet your company’s needs and customize your services.


Created by the Brazilian Central Bank, it allows transfers between accounts and digital wallets 24/7, with a connection to a number of banks and fintechs

Exclusive Latam product! The former bank slip is now much more efficient

Option for unbanked customers. Make deposits at lottery retailers, ATMs or banks

Receive payments from customers without the need for a physical document, via lottery retailer

Gateway Latam accepts connection with different national acquirers and service providers

Transfers and TEDs between accounts with automated clearing through proprietary technology

Offer the biggest and best digital wallets in the Brazilian market and increase your conversions

Flexibility to choose the methods that best suit your company

Set up according to your need.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No! We perform all the intermediation for you, so it is not necessary to open local accounts for your company.

Of course! We will serve you in a personalized way, analyzing which of our methods are most suitable for your type of business.

No! We have specialized teams in financial transactions ready to assist your client with any queries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Yea! We provide an internal group to provide multidisciplinary support (technical, service, fraud) to all our partners, in a personalized way, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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