Latam Gateway is your partner in Brazil

Monetize your products or services in a hassle-free way, receive payments in your local currency instantly and also rely on 24/7 support for your company and your customers. All without the need to contact local banks!

Operating in Brazil can be as simple as in your own country!

Experts in monetization of international companies

We were born to facilitate local payments for international products and services.

Bilingual support

Our team of experts can provide you with solutions in Portuguese or English

Final customer assistance

We take care of your customer service and support

24/7 service

Our service team is connected 24/7

Some of our partners

Corporate account

Our products have a complete Pay in and Payout solution.

Receive payments via Pix Pay In and pay through Pix Payout. Issue bank slips with instant payment confirmation. Sales via local credit card and connect with Brazilian digital wallets.

Our payment methods

We support all payment methods that are local to and most often used in each region of the country. Choose the payment methods that best meet your company’s needs and customize your services.


Created by the Brazilian Central Bank, it allows transfers between accounts and digital wallets 24/7, with a connection to a number of banks and fintechs

Offer the biggest and best digital wallets in the Brazilian market and increase your conversions

Exclusive Latam product! The former bank slip is now much more efficient

Gateway Latam accepts connection with different national acquirers and service providers

Option for unbanked customers. Make deposits at lottery retailers, ATMs or banks

Transfers and TEDs between accounts with automated clearing through proprietary technology

Receive payments from customers without the need for a physical document, via lottery retailer

Access your transactions wherever you are

Our dashboard can be controlled by any device. Get access to your receipts and payments anytime, anywhere.

Track your results and generate reports directly from our dashboard

In seconds you can create spreadsheets directly from within our tool. Track your metrics in real time and apply assertive strategies to increase your conversions.

Support for your costumer

In addition to supporting our partners, we also provide assistance to our customers, 24/7. In all contact channels, Service provided by real people.


Various possibilities for managing your dashboard
Integration with e-commerce platforms

Support your customer

Do you need help with your payments? Send a message through one of our channels and be assisted by one of our experts

24-Hour Assistance, 7 Days a Week

Are you a customer?
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