The most popular games for kids

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Popular kids’ games are able to encourage children to develop creativity, logical thinking and team collaboration (Credit: Pixabay)

Kids games can contribute not only to leisure but also to their learning of the children. Also, online games enable interactions with other children and make them more familiar with the virtual environment.

Therefore, games are excellent tools for a child’s development cognitive. Not to mention that, currently, they are easy to access, as a smartphone is enough to be able to play the most varied games.

In this environment, some kids’ games have become quite popular among children, being played also by teenagers and adults.

Ahead, we separate five of the main ones. We also gave tips on the care that parents should take when leaving children playing. Check-out!

Kids’ games: the 5 most popular

The five selected kids’ games are some of the most successful in recent years, having remained in the young people’s taste or having great recent moments of popularity. See the list below:

1. Minecraft

Developed by Mojang and released in 2011, this game has reached 126 million active players worldwide. It sold more than 200 million copies.

In it, the player builds scenarios, cities, and 3D worlds with different square blocks. This allows children to develop creativity, in addition to cooperating

each other in the development of landscapes and overcoming challenges within the game.

During the fabrication of the scenario, rules can be established between players to use their creativity to collaborate and overcome obstacles.

2. Among Us

Developed by InnerSloth and released in 2018, this game gained greater prominence during 2020, closing the year with 264 million downloads.

In this game, players are part of a ship’s crew. They have to complete tasks while trying to find an infiltrator among them. This must be done before this character eliminates enough crew members to win the game. When he is discovered, the crew wins.

In Among Us, players need to use logical reasoning to find clues that lead to the infiltrator. Also, they need to argue to convince others about who this agent may be. He will try to hide and blame others.

3. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys, developed by Devolver Digital, is an online party game. In it, up to 60 players can participate in a free-for-all race at the same time.

In this case, the participants will face obstacles in their paths to get to the next rounds, until only one remains: the winner. It reached 18 million active players online, in August 2020. At the time, it became the most downloaded game on PlayStation Plus.

In this case, the game allows you to develop manual and strategic skills, while the player tries to stay active in the race and advance to the next rounds.

4. Brain Test

An educational game that, in 2020, reached more than 138 million downloads. In this game, the player will solve puzzles and challenges that will require analytical skills, observation, and logical reasoning.

In this way, the child can expand his intellectual capacity while having fun trying to solve the issues of the game. There are several different challenges so that a child will have contact with a good variety of educational content.

5. Pokémon Go

Produced by Niantic, in partnership with Nintendo, Pokémon Go has become a phenomenon among children and adults. Since its launch, there have been over a billion downloads of the game.

Its big difference is the use of augmented reality, allowing players to move around while searching for Pokémon.

Besides, they can battle each other, defend gyms with their digital companions and form alliances with other players to face stronger raid Pokémon.

Parental care for children in relation to kids’ games

There are some precautions that parents should take when making kids’ games available to children, because if they are not aware, there may be problems with their health and well-being. So please note:

  • if the child spends many hours playing. It is necessary to be careful with the time that children spend playing, because the excess can harm other activities, such as studies, food, and rest;
  • the game’s content rating, that is, whether it is appropriate for your child’s age group. Inappropriate content can confuse and even negatively impact the child, especially if it is very small;
  • her teammates in online and multiplayer games. It is essential to check with whom the child interacts, as there may be people with bad intentions trying to talk to them in these virtual environments;
  • if they play in a healthy, clean, and well-organized place. Also see if the child maintains the proper posture, as it is important to take care of this so that he does not have bodily health problems;
  • how they act in online games. It is important to be aware of the child’s behavior in the digital medium of the game, as certain attitudes can indicate problems. For example, if she behaves harshly, aggressively, passively, etc.

Payment security by Latam Gateway

Another important precaution is when purchasing games or buying items within children’s games. In this case, avoid leaving your credit card in places where your child can easily access it, as there are cases where children end up spending large amounts of money without being aware of it.

Furthermore, it is important to look for games that invest in protecting your financial transactions. They need to have secure payment options. For example, the payment solutions offered by Latam Gateway.

Through them, it is possible to obtain agility in the confirmation of payment of slips, bank transfers, and deposits made. Also, the option of using a digital wallet and credit card (with a guarantee against chargeback) gives greater convenience and security to payments.

Finally, it is worth noting that access to games for children is healthy, as long as they follow the guidelines presented above, how to analyze the age of the game and interweave times of gambling with other activities.

It is also important to reinforce the need to look for kids’ games that offer secure payment systems. That way, you will be able to avoid problems and ensure an effective and safe purchase.

By the way, take the opportunity to discover the solutions offered by Latam Gateway!

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