Increase income of your online games: learn how to do it!

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People who work independently in the games industry often wonder how to increase income with the games they produce. This doesn’t just come from developers, but from other people as well.

There is no ready answer like a cake recipe. There are a number of factors that influence how to increase income with games. If the game is for mobile, your way of monetizing is different from a computer game, for example.

It is necessary to follow some basic rules to be able to move on:

  • Understand how is the market for the games you participate in production – Not all games are successful for a long time. Think of those you have known for several years and those you have heard of in the past and today have no more news.
  • Analyze your audience – What is your type of game? On which platform will it be launched? Who is your target audience? These and other questions will help you define what monetization will be like and what devices you will use to improve your earnings over time.
  • Research your competitors – Know how much they charge. What type of extra winnings do you have (ads, merchandising, etc.) for you to have an idea of ​​how and how much you will charge for your game.

Game monetization needs to be used correctly to increase game profits, otherwise the number of engagement and retention can decrease dramatically. It’s hard to get it right, but when you do, it’s a huge success. To improve the cash flow of your games, see the tips below.

In-game purchases

  • Create in-game currency – You can sell common in-game coins or create special coins for a specific stage. You can also sell both;
  • Consumable items – Items that the player buys and are released forever, it can be a piece of clothing for an avatar, a weapon or whatever your creativity asks for;
  • Special items for special dates – Many games have special items that are only sold during special seasons, such as: holidays and holidays;
  • Unlockable characters – New characters can bring a better user experience, especially if they have different skills;
  • Skills customization – How about giving the player the option to add specific skills to your character? You can charge for some of them;
  • Extra lives – If the player is about to die, you can give him a chance to continue;
  • Extra skills – You can buy a skill to help your player, like learning to swim or some kind of fight.

Types of ads to increase income

Ads are the most traditional and used way to increase income from online games. They are quite popular, easy to install and can make good money depending on the number of active users.

  • Banners – are usually at the bottom of games, especially free games;
  • Full screen – occupy the entire screen and even for that reason, are more profitable;
  • Video – It is considered the most profitable now. Videos pay well for viewing and you can use it for the user to unlock a reward for watching the entire video;
  • Notifications (Push) – These are notifications sent to the cell phone warning about an offer;
  • Game exit – Before the player leaves the game, it is possible to place an ad;
  • Sponsored games – It is possible to display ads from someone who pays to show the advertisement for a new game, for example.

Make partnerships

They can be made with specific companies or advertisers. Here are some examples:

  • Advertising games – You can create a game for any brand;
  • Sponsored items or characters – Some company may want you to create a personalized character or item with its brand. It could be a racing driver’s overalls or an ad on the side of a football field, for example;
  • Promotions for paid third party games (partners) – You can promote third party games and combine a percentage in installments in exchange;
  • Affiliate offers – There are affiliate systems that allow you to earn commission money for each offer purchased with traffic from your game;
  • Licensing – It is possible to license your game to major online gaming internet portals.

Mailing sale

This type can be the most complicated mainly due to the existence of the Data Protection Law, but many companies usually sell their users’ data, so do a lot of research before proceeding, but this item has a high income potential:

  • E-mail – You can create an e-mail list of your players;
  • SMS – Same as e-mail, but now the phone for using SMS;

Increase income with multiplayer

Multiplayer games attract many users in real time, so the ways to increase income with this item may vary slightly:

  • Daily gifts – Providing packages with presentable items may work;
  • Negotiation between players – Letting players exchange items with each other, can generate great interaction in addition to earning small fees for transactions;
  • Tournaments – It is possible to create paid tournaments, where only those who want to compete can access;
  • Incorporate with social networks – Indispensable these days and can bring you new players.


It is considered one of the least used ways by independent producers, but it is also a good source of income: selling products related to their games to users. Check out the simplest ones to create:



Coffee Mugs




Smartphone case


There are many ways to increase the inflow of money into your games. There is no need to use all the tips presented. So, do an analysis on your business and see which ones match more with what you want in the short, medium and long term.

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