FIFA coins: how to buy and use the money in EA Sports’ game

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Assembling the ultimate soccer team is a matter of investing in the stars you want in the field. This applies to real life as well as with online shopping using FIFA coins in the recent editions of the game from EA Sports.

The biggest draw of FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode (or FUT) is to create your own soccer team. You can do that by drafting your favorite top players from any squad and league in the world. You do that by spending FIFA coins on players and packs.

In turn, FIFA coins are obtainable by spending real money at the EA Store. By making the appropriate investments, you are able to bring the biggest stars in the world to set up your team in FIFA 2021.

Below, you will learn everything you need about FIFA coins, how to buy and use them in your game. Check it out!

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

Ultimate Team is a game mode on the popular soccer series FIFA. It is unlike the traditional gameplay, with focus on customization. In it, gamers can build a team with players from any leagues worldwide for online and offline matches.

By winning, player get FIFA coins as rewards. This valuable currency serves to buy even better players and packs that include random options. So, gamers are able to improve continually.

Such improvement comes from buying player cards. They rate in three tiers based on rarity and stats—bronze, silver and gold. Gamers may pull new and updated versions of existing players from these packs.

When playing online, you are able to compete in official EA Sports sponsored tournaments. But, progress made on a previous edition of FIFA does not carry over to a new one.

What are FIFA player cards?

Player cards from FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode represent real-life soccer players and their capabilities. They include stats and general information related to the player as well as its rarity within the system—Standard, Rare, Special and Icon.

To build a team in FUT, gamers use player cards to fill in all positions in the squad. You need a total of 18 cards to have an active team—11 as starting and 7 on the bench.

Cards classified as Rare and Special have higher stats or belong to special events. Additionally, Icon cards bring retired legendary players to your squad such as Pelé, Diego Maradona and Beckham.

Which are the best FIFA player cards?

As you already know, having FIFA coins is essential to purchasing player cards to build your team. As with a real-life market, some are much more valuable and rarer than the rest. Learning about that is important to know how to spend your coins well.

A player card’s value depends on its rarity and stats. As you might imagine, the best FIFA player cards are also among the rarest ones. With enough pack pulls, gamers can increase their chances of building a team of ultimate champions.

Below, you can see a list of the highest rated FIFA player cards and their in-game ratings:

  1. Lionel Messi, Barcelona (93)
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo, Piemonte Calcio (92)
  3. Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich (91)
  4. Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City (91)
  5. Neymar Jr., Paris Saint-Germain (91)
  6. Jan Oblak, Atletico de Madrid (91)
  7. Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool (90)
  8. Kylian Mbappé, Paris Saint-Germain (90)
  9. Mohamed Salah, Liverpool (90)
  10. Sadio Mané, Liverpool (90)

What are FIFA coins?

FIFA coins are the in-game currency for the FIFA game franchise. They are visible at the top of the screen when the player enters FUT mode. The interface also reveals your amount of FIFA points and rank.

Gamers can get FIFA coins as rewards in victories in FUT and by purchasing them using FIFA points. It is against the game’s terms of service to buy them any other way, such as from third-party sellers.

Players can also get FIFA coins through the sale of unwanted FUT items in the Transfer Market. Special occasions also reward them as gifts depending on EA Sports’ promotional calendar.

Why are FIFA coins useful?

When you get FIFA coins, you are able to start working towards building your dream team within the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 2021.

With this currency, players can buy player packs in-game. They work like real life trading card packs, as you do not know which players you will get with each draw. Thus, having more coins allows you to open more packs and increase your odds of getting the best players.

The goal of FUT mode is to build a dream team of the top footballers in the world. So, FIFA coins are important to be successful. You can increase your chances of victory online and offline by assembling an ultimate team.

How can players get FIFA points to buy FIFA coins?

Now that you know what FIFA coins are, the next step is learning about FIFA points. Such knowledge is essential to getting the most value out of your FIFA 2021 experience.

You can use FIFA points to buy FIFA coins. This is the way to enjoy the gameplay possibilities highlighted in this article’s previous section. FIFA points themselves are available through a single way: by purchasing them at EA’s online store.

Players can buy different batch sizes of FIFA points through EA Store. Options go from 100 FIFA points at US$ 0.99 through 12,000 FIFA points for US$ 99.99. Additionally, FIFA points earned in a previous game version will carry over to the new edition the first time it launches by the player.

Purchase of FIFA points is available through the web-based store at EA’s Origin or in-game when playing on your game console. In either case, the system will select your preferred method of payment as default.

There is no way to earn FIFA points through regular gameplay. The only option is to buy them through the store.

Using real money to buy in-game items is nothing new. FIFA coins are essential to take the most out of the exciting Ultimate Team mode. The best way to have fun with popular game series FIFA is to know the value of player cards and invest. Good luck and enjoy!

When making payments for in-game items, players need a practical and reliable method. Learn more about Latam Gateway’s options for game monetization in Latin America.

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