Game monetization in Latin America

Local and instant payment methods for LATAM region. Easy and quick payments, delivered within 30 minutes!

Game monetization solutions in Latin America

In Brazil, we offer instant payment through Bank Slip, Deposits, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Digital Wallet, and PIX (soon).

Slip Express

Payment confirmation within 30 minutes.

Express Transfer

Bank transfer with payment confirmation in 15 minutes.

Express Deposit

Bank deposit with payment confirmation in 15 minutes.

Credit Card

Visa, Mastercard, Hipercard and more. Chargeback-proof guaranteed.

Digital Wallets

Main digital wallets in the Brazilian market with millions of active clients.


Soon we will provide the new quick payment method announced by the Central Bank. The PIX!

Customer Service

We offer customer suport service in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

Legal Assistance

Count on solid legal assistance to sell in Brazil with local payments..

We also offer complete payment solutions for Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia. 

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Quick payment solutions for game platforms and/or selling features such as skins, items, premium accounts...

Quick Approval

Payment methods with immediate confirmation and approval!

About Us

LATAM Gateway helps clients to monetize their game or digital company in Latin America through local and instant payments developed with own technology to increase sales conversion in the region.

It is a company built and managed by experts with over 15 years of experience in local payments and game monetization in Latin America.