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5 tips for you to improve your monetization in games!

Games are a popular way for many people to relax and also to try to occupy their minds with something out of the ordinary. Thus, the demand for mobile games has increased considerably in recent years.

Therefore, many developers have started to apply some techniques to make the game have extra functions to please the players. And also to increase the profitability of the company by helping to maintain the game and to create new ones.

With that in mind, Latam Gateway brought some topics to help you understand how to increase your profitability through games! Enjoy the reading!

What is Mobile Game Monetization?

Monetization in games is used as a strategy used by developers to make the game have a better monetary income. Generating more profits for the company, consequently, — it brings to the game more functions, like some delivering of benefits to the players.

How do you monetize app games?

To have a good monetization of the game, it is necessary that it is thought out beforehand, so that all of it is developed thinking about the extra functions and/or ads.

5 tips for mobile game monetization

The ways of earning money with games can be quite varied, it can be through ads, extra content, buying coins, and much, much more! Check out the following for the main ways:

1. In-App Ads

This is one of the biggest trends in all game applications, and will probably remains so. It is considered a very efficient and practical model for developers and also for players.

In this strategy, the public can play for free, and at certain periods of the game, some ads will appear that they must have watched either completely or for a few seconds. In this way, the companies pay the developers to leave their ad in the game, generating income for them.

Also, according to research, about 47% of the audience that sees the ads remember them later and even look for the service they saw.

However, users do not like to be bombarded all the time with ads, especially with those that are junk and irrelevant, so, ads should be in different and more appropriate formats, such as:

  • Rewarded ads;
  • Playable ads;
  • Interstitial ads;
  • Offerwall;
  • Native banner ads.

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2. In-App Purchases

In this type of monetization, the user has the option to make purchases within it. Usually the purchase of coins, some kind of advantage that can be used, or even some more differentiated items — which may or may not have some function with it.

One strategy used that generates good results is to give discounts at certain times, attracting more players to buy.

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3. Subscription Model

In this type of monetization, the user uses the subscription model, whereby they pay a regular fee to have access to extra content and items in the game, plus they will not have any ads during their play.

Most of these subscriptions last for a period of time and need to be renewed — they can be seen as battle passes.

4. Paid Games

As much as the previous item works very well, some developers prefer to make paid games, which need to be purchased in order to play. And depending on the game, it can be very successful, just like the mobile version of Minecraft.

One factor that many opt for this game is that they do not like ads or in-app purchases.

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5. Mixed Monetization Strategy

This is a type of monetization that has been very popular in recent years! Developers can take advantage of more than one strategy to generate a greater flow of revenue, i.e., it is possible to use more than one of the strategies mentioned above.

It is not necessary to follow each of them to the letter, but rather to put them together and come up with the combination that makes the most sense for the development of the game and application.

Also, it is indispensable that if you are going to use multiple strategies, make sure it makes sense with the genre of the game!

Therefore, monetization is something very effective for developers and game companies, since it enables the continuity of the project, promoting new interactions and functions. Moreover, another factor that helps monetization is the possibility to develop new games from this acquired income, further increasing your team and game network.

With this, it is indispensable that the whole team checks which is the best option for profitability, and which means are necessary for this process to be done. In addition, of course, in the case of ads, choose the ones that are most relevant to the user.

We hope you enjoyed this content, and for more gaming topics — keep following Latam Gateway’s blog!

Until the next reading!

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