Workout games: a new way to have fun playing video games!

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Workout games are an option for those who want to exercise in a more fun way. (Crédito: Divulgação/Ubisoft)

Games are not just for players to sit down, as several games require the player to move. For example, workout games.

Want to know more about this style of play? Keep reading and see what we’ve prepared!

What are workout games?

Workout games are those in which players perform physical exercises as if they were in a sports academy, outdoors, gyms, etc. That’s because they simulate sports and other physical activities. Incidentally, some may be known as fitness games.

Through a workout game, you can run, perform yoga exercises, do squats, etc. The list of possible activities is extensive.

What examples of games of this style?

Many games work with performing physically. Here are some of the main ones:

Ring Fit Adventure

One of the most popular is the Ring Fit Adventure. This game is a Nintendo Switch action RPG, in which the player uses two physical items: a Pilates ring and a fabric affixed to a leg, both with two joy-cons (controls) attached.

The player needs to do certain exercises to continue their journey and face opponents in the game. Due to the closure of gyms because of the coronavirus pandemic, games of this type have become a market trend.

Wii Fit

One of the precursors of fitness games was the Wii Fit, in which the player climbs on a board with sensors (Wii Balance Board) and, as follows the game on the screen, performs physical activities.

For example, yoga movements, aerobic exercises, strength training, etc.

Just Dance

This is one of the most popular dance games. To play it, you need to perform dance moves according to the instructions that appear on the screen, while listening to a song.

This game is for those who like to dance and take advantage of this activity to maintain physical conditioning.

Pokémon Go

Some games that are not exactly for training, but also end up contributing to good physical conditioning. An example is the Pokémon Go phenomenon.

Combining Pokémon capture with innovative Augmented Reality (AR) mechanics, this game encourages players to walk to find Pokémon and accomplish other goals.

In times of the coronavirus pandemic, the game brought adaptations for people to stay at home. But that doesn’t mean standing still! That’s because you’ll be able to walk around your home while playing.

What are the advantages of these games?

One of the benefits of workout games is that they make exercise more fun. Because of this, children and adults will be able to engage in more physical activities, which is another advantage.

Also, it is possible to play many different games, which allows you to diversify the exercises performed.

Players will also be able to have more precise references of what they need to do during games, helping to prevent them from exercising the wrong way.

What technologies have contributed to the evolution of workout games?

This style of play began popularization with the advances brought by the Nintendo Wii, such as the Wii Balance Board.

Besides, motion sensors Kinect (for Xbox 360 and Xbox One) and PlayStation Move (for PS3, PS4, PlayStation VR) contributed to this gaming industry.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-cons (L and R) also helped to improve the dynamics in fitness games, as they have a gyroscope and accelerometer, which makes it possible to play games with motion sensors.

They also feature depth sensors, which recognize the distance to objects and the shape of the hands.

The addition of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices also brings new possibilities for fitness games and others that work with the performance of some physical activity by the player.

Even smartphones also serve for games of the type, as they have several integrated sensors.

It is worth noting that workout games are part of a segment that can be very well explored for r monetization of games. By the way, if you want to know more about making money this way, check out Latam Gateway’s solutions.

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