Find out how you can use Riot Points gift cards to buy skins in Valorant!

valorant skins
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Valorant skins make the way for players to put up their personalities inside the game. It also represents a ground of importance and status for the community. So it’s not unusual that many people are willing to spend their money to customize their gameplays with skins.

In this article, you’ll learn one of the many methods you have to purchase your favorite skins in Valorant. So, stay tuned and get to know a bit more of what these features of the game are and how to get them with Riot Points. Check it out!

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a game for PC launched by Riot Games, the same company responsible for the success of League of Legends.

First announced in October 2019 due to the celebration of 10 years of League of Legends, Valorant was only officially released in June 2020. It is a free-to-play first-person shooter game, following a similar mechanic to Counter Strike.

As a team-based tactical hero shooter, in Valorant the player has to work along with his peers to defeat the opposing team.

That means 5 vs 5 players, each playing as one of the unique “agents” who have specific abilities, besides the assortment of weapons available. Valorant also has other game modes which have been introduced after the release, though.

Valorant Skins

In addition to all that, Valorant also allows players to customize their weapons with skins, modifying design and effects. That amplifies the gameplay experience, making Valorant an exciting environment for the community.

So, to get your own skins, you’ll need to use Valorant Points, which are available to buy online with real money in the store of the game or out of gift cards. The cost of the skins in VPs varies according to their price tiers, as follows:

  • Select Edition (SE) = 875 VP;

  • Deluxe Edtion (DE) = 1275 VP;

  • Premium Edition (PE) = 1775 VP;

  • Ultra Edition (UE) = 2475 VP;

  • Exclusive Edition (XE) = Varies.

How to buy Valorant skins with Riot Points?

Though the currency of Valorant is VPs, you can also buy skins with Riot Points (RPs). RPs are typically used in League of Legends for the same purpose, but you can convert them to VPs using a League of Legends gift card, for example.

The procedure to convert RPs to VPs is pretty simple and follows the same steps as if you were using a Valorant gift card.

To activate your VPs using a gift card of League of Legends, all you have to do is access your account and, in the store of the game, select “cards and codes” as a payment method.

Then you insert your League of Legends gift card unique code and fill up the rest of the form with the information required, and it’s done!

It is important to mention that the values of RPs and VPs are different. In other words, the number of points you get after the conversion is based on the actual price of the card in the country.

Now you know how to buy your Valorant skins with Riot Points. But don’t forget that, once you have converted your RPs to VPs, you can’t change them back, since they’re not interchangeable after you activate them in the game.

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