Online shopping: how to be safe on the internet

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Online shopping soon will be our main mode of purchasing anything. Credit: Unsplash

The new world has come, and so have all its benefits and downsides, like online shopping, that soon will be our main mode of purchasing anything. That means we must adapt to the way society is changing, and here we’re talking about becoming more and more digital.

Although it may sound much of a comfort, we also have to learn about cybersecurity and how to protect ourselves in the digital era. After all, since every form of relationship has found its 2.0 version, criminals are also up-to-date on their plans to scam people out of their money.

But with caution and by following some simple rules, you can cover up everything you need to secure your online shopping and profit the most from our brave new world. So, keep on reading to get to know the main tips to shop online safely.

Is online shopping safe?

The internet changes every day, and both its dangers and its safety change along. In other words, to answer whether online shopping is safe or not depends on how much you know about cybersecurity.

The good news is you don’t need to know much to get the best from your online experiences. The most important aspects of how to protect yourself on the internet have not changed much over the years.

Therefore, in general, we could say it’s easy to count on some clear signs that make online shopping safe for anyone in the world. Check out below what you should pay attention to never get in trouble purchasing online.

What are the safety tips to shop online?

Though it may seem basic, it’s always good to remember the first steps of caution which will prevent you from falling for most of the frauds online:

  • never give your passwords to anyone;
  • do not click on every link you receive;
  • watch out for viruses on your pc or mobile;
  • be aware of too good offers.

Through these very simple rules, you can avoid most of the dangers that could cause you any stress. Now, let’s go deep into some important aspects of the basics to provide maximum security when shopping online.

Be sure who you’re purchasing from

You already got you should never click on anything you find on the internet. That doesn’t mean you’re entirely safe when you know the link you click, though. Even on Amazon, you could be fooled by people with bad intentions.

So, the best way to be sure you’re dealing with serious people is to try as much as you can to know the most about who you purchase from. Check out the recommendations, how many deals the retailer has made, where it is located etc.

Also, don’t forget to read all the descriptions of the product or service you’re interested in. Some of the online issues are not cases of fraud at all, but misconceptions caused by the lack of understanding about what is being negotiated. So, be aware.

Pay attention to your internet access

It is dangerous to buy from a computer or mobile that has viruses. In this case, to protect yourself against spyware and malware, you must have installed and updated a good antivirus.

Yet, hackers still have other ways to deceive you when you’re shopping online. The best guard you may have, then, is your attention.

Therefore, always check if you’re accessing the internet through a reliable connection. Avoid public Wi-Fi and, if you are at a friend’s, ensure yourself it’s safe to buy from there.

Also, verify the credentials of the website to be certain it is not a cloned page. The address looks suspicious when it has sequences of random numbers and letters. Moreover, the protocol HTTP of the website offers more security when it’s ended by an “S” (HTTPS).

Choose a payment method other than cash

Finally, always choose an alternative payment other than cash. This way you avoid losing money without having time to retrieve it or cancel the operation after you find the deal was a fraud.

A credit card is the simplest option to prevent a situation like that. But the digital world has also brought great solutions to guarantee your safety when operating online transactions.

LatamGateway, for example, offers a technology to monetize games and digital companies online. Its platform has a perfect structure to allow any form of safe online payments with agility and comfort.

Now you’re able to do your best regarding your safety for online shopping. How about considering the solutions LatamGateway has for you? So, check out the advantages of counting on us!

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