How you can improve your online sales system with LATAM GATEWAY

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Are you looking for ways to increase your online sales? As the web becomes more accessible to most potential buyers, competition also becomes fierce. This is especially true when considering local markets and their potential.

The first step should be to assess potential beneficial markets. Brazil is steadily growing in regards to online purchases, with more and more storefronts becoming successful in multiple different segments.

However, in order to enter a new market, you need to consider its particularities. The most important one of them refers to the preferred payment methods these potential new buyers require. Local markets have different rules that need to be considered by international stores.

LATAM GATEAWAY offers the best infrastructure an online store needs to provide the service Brazilian buyers need. Stores are able to increase their online sales by offering the best payment methods these potential new customers want.

Would you like to learn more about LATAM GATEAWAY and how it can help you increase your online sales? Then, read below!

What are the 5 steps to increase your online sales?

It is common for a web store to wish for better online sales. That is the backbone of most businesses such as these. However, not many know the proper ways to implement the best strategies and actually achieve such a goal.

Increasing online sales is not just a matter of implementing killer sales or boosting your advertising budget. You need to tackle this goal like any other business target and develop a full action plan that considers the best possible approaches.

Below, you will learn the 5 most important steps to increase your online sales in smart ways. Check them out!

1. Learn about the best markets

Knowing where to do business is the first step to working towards better online sales. Despite the web being world-wide, you need to focus on specific markets if you wish to obtain quality results. This means learning about the best ones.

For instance, let’s consider you are in the gaming business. According to market research, countries such as India, China and Brazil are among the most valuable ones in this segment. Therefore, it would be great for your online sales to target these audiences.

2. Set up the best infrastructure

Never forget that, when focusing on better online sales, you also need the proper infrastructure to receive many more requests from new clients.

This means having a quality website that will not crash when receiving more customers and being able to fulfill all orders with the proper logistics strategy. If these people experience issues when buying from you, they might never come back.

3. Count on reliable partners

You do not have to do everything by yourself. Seek reliable partners to fulfill responsibilities you have a hard time with, such as logistics and technology.

This will ensure you get the best infrastructure to receive additional customers and fulfill their orders without any delays and other kinds of problems.

4. Monitor your results and trends

You should always keep an eye on your results to learn from them and adapt your strategy accordingly. Since you are focusing on online sales, you should start with the numbers that closely reflect such results.

Additionally, try to detect possible trends from these metrics. Focus on patterns to predict what the future might hold for your goals.

5. Create goal-focused strategies

Never implement a strategy without clear goals. Make sure to consider what you truly want and the appropriate time-frame. This is the only way to be sure you have actually reached your goals at the end.

For instance, since you wish to increase your online sales, think of how much and in what time interval. Imagine a web store that wants to increase their online sales in 30% in 12 months.

Why is it worth it to work with online sales in Brazil?

As you learned above, knowing the right markets to invest in is among the most important steps to increase your online sales. By looking at the right data, it becomes clear that Brazil is teeming with opportunity for digital stores to reach customers that are interested in buying online.

This is backed by several market studies that show a growing trend of good results in online sales in Brazil. Such metrics allow us to see how promising the market is and its most important trends for the future.

How about learning more about this? See below how beneficial it can be to work with online sales in Brazil.

Growing ecommerce share

According to data from Statista, Brazil currently has a 32.8% share in Latin America’s ecommerce market. Such a number is in constant growth from latest years as more people decide to start buying online and never stop.

In fact, Brazil saw its largest ecommerce jump in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, its top marketplaces welcomed over 250 million new shoppers. All of those people might become your customers as well.

Wide gaming market

Brazil is among the top worldwide gaming markets alongside India, China, Japan, South Korea, USA and Canada. Numbers are particularly good in the free-to-play segment, which provide large earnings to game publishers and third-party stores.

Even traditional console games are able to rake in good numbers such as Fifa 22, Fortnite, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and others. Brazilians like playing games and spending money on them.

Promising ecommerce forecasts

Numbers are great now in Brazil and are trending to become even better in the future. According to Statista, the Brazilian ecommerce market is expected to earn over US$ 26 million in sales in 2021.

This means that the market is booming and there is still room for more players to take advantage of this trend.

Increasing spending per customer

Statista also reports that Brazilian consumers are also spending more online with each year. For example, in 2020, the average buyer spent around R$ 2,618 on ecommerce purchases. This meant a 23% increase from the previous year, which had R$ 2,121 in spendings.

Additionally, data from 2020 showed that there are at least 43 million unique online shoppers in Brazil.

Popularity in multiple device types

Brazilian customers are also used to buying online with multiple kinds of devices. Mobile ecommerce is particularly strong, with around US$ 18 billion coming from mobile device transactions.

However, still according to Statista, desktop purchases do not fall too far behind. Traditional computer transactions amounted to US$ 17 billion in 2020.

How can each payment method help improve your online sales?

Offering the right payment methods is another great way to increase your online sales. After all, people need the ability to choose the most convenient option and might simply leave a store if it is too limited in that regard.

If you with to explore the Brazilian’s online market potential, your store needs to adapt to the most popular payment methods in Brazil. This will help you make sure you can enjoy quality results when selling to Brazilian customers.

Learn more about how each different payment method can help you improve your online sales in Brazil.


PIX is a relatively new payment method in Brazil. It was created by Brazil’s Central Bank authority as a means to offer a faster, more reliable and convenient way to transfer money between people and corporations.

As a payment method, this meant PIX could be used as a replacement to debit card purchases by simply using a banking app on your smartphone. More and more stores are offering PIX as a payment method by highlighting its near-instant approval process for online purchases.

Offering PIX as a payment method in your store means giving potential buyers a convenient and desired alternative that will translate into more sales. After all, it is safe and approves the purchase faster, which also means the client getting their product faster.

Express transfer

The Brazilian market is also used to express transfer as a payment method. Before PIX was implemented, this was the best way to pay for goods and services digitally in a safe and reliable way.

This is a simple bank transfer between two accounts. When used as a payment method, the customer transfer the value to the store’s account and waits for a quick approval process from the other side.

As usual, offering more convenient payment methods is a great way to reach more customers. Express transfer is essential to Brazilian customers and might make a big difference in your results.

Express bank slip

While also known simply as bank slip or boleto, this is a payment method that involves a voucher that the customer can pay through multiple desired means. This piece of paper has a bar code which is read by banking institutions and authorized third-parties to wire the money to the issuing business.

Customers can use a wide variety of means to pay for their bank slip, ranging from unsupported credit cards and even cash. That makes boleto a favorite of people who do not trust the web to use their credit or debit card information.

In Brazil, it is common for other businesses to process bank slip payments. This is the case of lottery houses and post offices, which connect to banking systems and offer more convenience to buyers that wish to pay with cash and other methods.

Express deposit

Express deposit as a payment method is similar to the express transfer. The major difference is that customers have more freedom in choosing how to perform such a deposit when paying for online purchases.

For example, a consumer can simply use cash to deposit the proper amount to the store’s account and pay for a purchase. They can also use cards and other methods available to them depending on the banking institution they visit.

By offering this particular payment method, you are also able to offer the benefit of speed. Your customers will be able to get their payment approved faster and kickstart the shipping stage sooner.

Digital wallets

Digital wallets are becoming more and more popular in Brazil. They offer a lot of convenience by allowing for the storing of money and payment of multiple goods and services. If you wish to appeal to Brazilian buyers, you need to support their preferred digital wallets.

Such systems might vary in the way they work, but their essence is the same: they require compatibility with online stores to properly connect to them. Simply offering only PayPal as a choice in that matter will not help you increase your online sales.

This is one of the reasons you need a proper payment system in your online store. After all, such compatibility requires constant updates to stay working.

Credit card

Lastly, let’s not forget about a near-universal payment method like the credit card. It is also popular in Brazil and you need a reliable system that offers this possibility in the country when selling to consumers.

Most online stores offer credit card payments, however compatibility might vary depending on the store’s country of origin. An international store might pose barriers for Brazilian clients that wish to pay with credits cards in case they do not prepare for this market.

There are specific national cards your store needs to support if you wish to appeal to Brazilian buyers. This includes dealing with Brazilian banks and issuing institutions that might not be available worldwide.

Why is it important to use a payment system like LATAM GATEAWAY?

As you have learned up to here, offering the right payment methods is a great way to attract potential new buyers. If you wish to reach Brazilian buyers and the promising Brazil ecommerce scene, you need a reliable system that aggregates the most important features you need.

LATAM GATEWAY is able to add all of these important payment methods to your online store. This means a reliable system that is completely fit to the Brazilian market and its specifics as well as a strong and secure infrastructure to protect your data.

Below, you can see the most important points that show how it is important to use a payment system like LATAM GATEAWAY.

Access to the best payment methods

As you saw in the previous sections in this article, offering the right payment methods for Brazilian customers is the best way to appeal to them. They might become recurring consumers if they can conveniently buy from you.

LATAM GATEAWAY allows you to start working right away with the most important payment systems for Brazilian buyers. You will not need to install and maintain them individually, as they all come from the same reliable infrastructure.

Local legal assistance

Working with local payment systems is challenging when done alone. Each country has particulars relating to legal and economics, which requires proper research and advice. Fortunately, you will not need to expend so many resources if you work with LATAM GATEAWAY.

That is because LATAM GATEAWAY has its own local legal assistance team that is ready to help you adapt to the market you wish to explore. Your site will excel in the compliance of local laws and face no problems when doing business abroad.

Security and privacy layers

Buying online still means putting your data out there for stores to validate. In case there are vulnerabilities in their systems, customer information might leak and be lost. The reputation of these businesses might be forever tarnished.

That is why you should work with a reliable and safe system like LATAM GATEAWAY. Its infrastructure is constantly updated to stay ahead of potential threats to your store and clients’ data.

Fast and reliable infrastructure

People have no patient to work with a slow store. By choosing LATAM GATEAWAY as your payment provider, you can count on a system that is fast and reliable. This is a high priority for clients and should be for you as well.

This is not only related to performance, as it also applies to the payment methods themselves. For example, express bank slip payments are approved faster than average. Such convenience will be essential to reaching more and more clients.

Dedicated customer support

In case you run into any problems or have any questions when using a new system, you need the ability to reach a dedicated customer support. LATAM GATEAWAY has a team of professionals ready to help you get the most out of your store and contribute to your sales goals.

Additionally, LATAM GATEAWAY is able to offer customer support in Portuguese, English, and Spanish. This means you can get the proper support in your preferred language.

How are other online stores using LATAM GATEWAY?

The best way to assess a service’s worth is getting to know its successful clients. LATAM GATEAWAY works with multiple online stores especially in the gaming sector to offer fast and reliable payment systems to customers of multiple audiences.

By knowing more about those stores, you are able to see how your business can also thrive by partnering with LATAM GATEAWAY to improve your payment method offerings in Brazil.

Learn more about how specific online stores are using LATAM GATEAWAY in their online sales. is a storefront dedicated to Garena Free Fire and Speed Drifters games. Players are able to use the site to purchase premium currency to use in their games with a multitude of payment methods that fit their needs.

Most games rely on international payment systems which rarely support local preferences such as bank slips and deposits. With LATAM GATEAWAY, is able to offer such possibilities and more when connecting to popular games.


Nuuvem is among the top storefronts for games in Brazil. Not only it is able to provide services to Steam PC games, but it also works with console companies such as Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo.

In other words, Nuuvem uses LATAM GATEAWAY’s system to allow Brazilian players to spend money the ways they prefer when buying games. For instance, by using express bank slip, they are able to use actual cash to buy digital games.


Codashop is another example of a store that is able to sell to Brazilian customers that are interested in buying in-game items in their favorite platforms. They use LATAM GATEAWAY’s system to provide the best payment methods to that audience.

Their platform connects to multiple games, ranging from Free Fire to Genshin Impact. They also support payment for apps such as Tinder, OK Cupid and Turbo VPN.


Brazilian gamers who wish to use their preferred payment methods to buy in-game items or game vouchers can count on Moedaz for that. This is another site that uses LATAM GATEAWAY’s system to extend their possibilities when buying online.

Not only do they support games like Tibia, League of Legends and Free Fire, but they also connect to storefronts like PlayStation, Xbox and Steam.

Learn more about LATAM GATEWAY

LATAM GATEAWAY focuses on helping stores use local and instant payments with their own technology. This allows them to appeal to new markets and increase their online sales by providing more speed and reliability when paying for goods and services.

As you have learned, the Brazilian market is full with potential to be explored from outside stores. However, those need to offer the proper payment systems that these buyers prefer, as rarely do international storefronts adapt to local markets such as this.

By choosing LATAM GATEAWAY as your payment provider, you are able to count on a instant and reliable system to offer the best methods Brazilian customers expect. Therefore, this is the way to enjoy better results when reaching these consumers.

Increasing your online sales is a matter of developing a proper strategy. You need to know your target audience and modify your approach in order to appeal to these people. As the Brazilian market is growing and becoming more attractive to outside stores, it is important to offer the payment systems that perform well in that market.

Would you like to selling more and better online? Then, get in touch with LATAM GATEWAY right now and work towards improving your results with the right payment methods!

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