Next gen consoles and the new industry of games

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The new generation of consoles has generated high expectations in the gaming market, leaving many players anxious about the innovations they have brought. Improvements in mechanics, graphics, and game experiences were some of them, although we are still witnessing the beginning of this transformation.

After all, the new consoles can positively affect the game industry as a whole, that is, not only the games but also game sales sites, game streaming platforms, skins, among other elements.

Even the monetization of games and the experience of players can be influenced. This has been happening since the new console releases (PS5 and Xbox Series X) and also with the recent cell phones developed especially for mobile games.

Therefore, it is a sum of factors and technologies that are likely to take a new step in gameplay and the experience of playing a game. So it is interesting to better understand how this is all happening.

To help with this, we have separated some information about the new generation of consoles and their impact on the game industry. Keep reading and check it out!

What is a new “generation” in games

Before we move on to the devices that head the new wave of consoles, it is important to understand what a new generation is in the gaming world. In general, this is a new wave of equipment and services that are technologically more advanced than the previous generation.

In short, it is an evolution in consoles, in games, in the means of acquiring games, etc. headed by the technological advancement of the moment.

As a curiosity, the first generation was launched in the 1970s. Since then, there have been several technological changes that have led us to the ninth generation, that is, the one currently emerging in the market.

It is worth mentioning that the technological evolution with the current new generation of consoles and cell phones will not be restricted only to the graphics issue or to the hardware.

This is because it is also intended to positively impact the experience that the player will have while enjoying his game.

To this end, the new possibilities brought by technology start to be used creatively by the developers, to provide new ways of playing. The same goes for the way players interact with each other.

The way to purchase games, for example, has been profoundly changed in recent years with the advancement of cloud computing and the growth of streaming platforms.

This could advance even more in the new generation, since it has consoles without an optical drive for reading physical media, such as Blu-ray.

However, to the delight of those who prefer to buy games physically, including to collect, there are models with this peripheral.

The new generation of gaming consoles and smartphones

The new generation of consoles has been spearheaded by two devices: the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. This second one even has a cheaper version and less functionality, the Xbox Series S. It does not have a disc player. Incidentally, the PS5 also has such a model.

Among its attributes, we can highlight that the two consoles have advanced technological characteristics, such as:

  • possibility to play games in 4K, with up to 120 frames per second;
  • support for ray tracing – this is a computer graphics algorithm used to synthesize 3D images, which tries to simulate, from back to front, the paths that light travels in reality;
  • fast loading time.

Besides, a series of smartphones aimed at the gamer audience has been launched. The difference between them and other smartphones is that the gamer’s models are designed with special features.

These are intended to increase the capacity and processing power so that the devices can run games quickly and easily. They also have a different design, as well as additions or reductions of attributes in certain components. Forward, we will see more about them.

What’s new on PS5 and exclusive games

To start, let’s look at the potentials of Sony’s PlayStation 5. Released in November 2019, this console updates the PS4 and features the following settings:

  • DualSense control, with haptic feedback and adaptive buttons that provide a different experience depending on the game played. Thanks to this, it is possible to have different sensations depending on the action, the scenery, and the texture of objects in a game;
  • more powerful hardware (compared to PS4);
  • backward compatibility with most PS4 games;
  • SSD with high speed;
  • Game Boost feature, which provides faster loading of some PS4 games. Also, it is capable of improving the frame rates per second and allows a dynamic resolution of up to 4K;
  • has a dedicated processing unit (Tempest Engine);
  • ray tracing;
  • AMD octa-core processor, with Zen 2 architecture (7 nm). It has a variable clock that reaches up to 3.5 GHz;
  • 3D sound;
  • Flash module interconnected to a customized 12-channel bus. It is also connected to a 4-lane PCI Express 4.0 controller. In this way, the storage is directly connected to the integrated chip;
  • transfer rate of 5.5 GB / s, in the original size. With compressed data, in normal mode, this rises to up to 8.9 GB / s;
  • Customized GPU, based on RDNA 2 architecture (AMD), with 36 computational units. It has a performance of up to 10.28 Tflop / s, as well as a clock that reaches 2.23 GHz;
  • DMA controller;
  • expandable storage. The PS5 has a slot for NVMe SSDs, which makes it possible to store data from external SSDs and hard drives. This can be done through the USB port;
  • 16 GB RAM (GDDR 6). It is also worth mentioning the RAM transfer rate, which reaches 14GB / s. The RAM bandwidth, in turn, reaches 448 GB / s.

It is worth noting that the PS5 is sold in two versions: one with a Blu-ray 4K UHD player and one without, exclusively for digital systems. This impacts the price, with the former having a higher value than the latter.

What’s new in Xbox Series and exclusive games

The Xbox is the main competitor of the PS in the new generation. For this, the company, a subsidiary of Microsoft, brought two models with the new technologies: the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. Ahead, see more about them.

Xbox Series X

It is possible to say that this is the most complete version, as it has a disk reader and is more powerful than the other. The Xbox Series X has the following features:

  • optical drive that allows you to rotate Blu-ray Ultra HD discs;
  • integrated software;
  • Xbox Velocity Architecture — this technology was developed to improve the speed at which games are played. It consists of four items: Sampler Feedback Streaming, hardware-accelerated decompression, new DirectStorage API, and custom NVME SSD;
  • a dedicated hardware module responsible for decompression and data compression. Thanks to this, it is possible to increase the effective transfer rate up to 4.8 GHz;
  • custom SSD (NVMe), with 1 TB. It is worth mentioning that it is connected to the console in the same way as the internal unit, directly to the integrated chip and through the PCI Express 4.0 port;
  • The SSD was developed in partnership with Seagate, therefore, it is made just for the console;
  • FPS Boost;
  • Quick Resume. This is a feature that allows the player to return to the state it was in before leaving one game for another;
  • AMD octa-core processor, whose Zen 2 architecture is customized for the game system;
  • the processor has a 7 nanometer (nm) lithography process, which reaches a simultaneously fixed clock of up to 3.8 GHz. This in all its cores;
  • Customized AMD GPU, based on AMD’s RDNA (Radeon DNA) 2 architecture. The GPU has 56 physical computational units, however, 4 are disabled by default;
  • graphics chip that can execute 12,155 Tflop / s. It also has a fixed clock, 1.825 GHz;
  • 4K graphics, at 60 frames per second, constantly. In addition, it supports 8K;
  • support at up to 120 fps, but with possible loss of resolution quality;
  • support for ray tracing through hardware acceleration;
  • 16 GB RAM, GDDR6. It is worth mentioning that this capacity is divided into 4 chips of 1GB and 6 of 2GB. Of these, 10 GB are for games. They still have a bandwidth of 560 GB / s. This makes rendering faster;
  • advanced button monitoring system. In this way, It transmits inputs as soon as one of the buttons is pressed. The purpose is to decrease latency to the maximum;
  • backward compatibility of the console with the Xbox One, which makes it possible to play some games of that version.

In short, several of these features combined are capable of providing greater power to the console, enabling greater performance and faster loading speed.

Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S, cheaper and more compact than the Series X, is a digital console, that is, it does not have an optical drive. Because of this, it is not able to play Blu-ray discs and, therefore, the physical edition of the games.

It still has half the storage of the most complete version, as it has a 512 GB SSD.

One of the ways to get games to play on this console is through the so-called Xbox Game Pass. It is a monthly subscription service that provides access to hundreds of games, some exclusive to the Xbox. For example, those from the Forza Horizon series and the Halo franchise.

Digital services

Speaking of Xbox Game Pass, it is important to mention how streaming platforms, virtual stores, access services, and other solutions of this type relate to recent technological advances in the world of games.

For example, All Access is a solution that makes it possible, for a monthly payment, to purchase the video game with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Besides, it is interesting to mention xCloud, a cloud service that allows players to play games from their Xbox on their smartphone.

There is also the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate PC accessible version. In terms of content, it is worth noting that EA Play has been integrated into the Xbox service. That

way, subscribers to that platform will be able to access games from series like The Sims and FIFA.

The trend is that more games will be added to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, as Microsoft has been acquiring studios in recent years, as the conglomerate that owns Bethesda.

PS5 games, in turn, can be purchased through PlayStation.Store, the PS virtual store. There is also the PlayStation Plus service, which allows subscribers to play in multiplayer mode.

In it, the subscriber also receives 100 GB in the cloud, where he can save the progress in his games, to continue playing from other consoles. You will also have access to exclusive content, such as in-game items.

At the PS Store, you will still have access to the EA Play service, where you can find a selection of games from Electronic Arts. Currently, the focus is on PS4.

Mobile phones for mobile games and the most played games

With the growth of the smartphone market, several manufacturers started to develop specific models for certain audiences. In this way, devices for photographers, video producers, music lovers, etc. emerged.

Gamers’ cell phones are also an example of this. This segment has gained more strength in recent years.

Companies like Asus, Xiaomi, Razer, Nubia, and others have started to develop devices increasingly adapted to games. In this case, some common attributes that they usually have are:

  • extra internal components that can make them bigger;
  • greater processing power to support heavier games, especially on models that use a Snapdragon processor, usually octa-core;
  • high RAM, usually from 4 GB upwards. Currently, the most advanced models are from 8 GB onwards;
  • differentiated design, some with RGB LED. They can also have extra buttons, which optimize gameplay;
  • normally larger, high-resolution screens with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, 100 Hz, 144 Hz, etc. This enhances the visual gaming experience;
  • high and expandable storage, via microSD card. Some models can be expanded to 1 TB or 2 TB, which allows you to store more files and programs related to games;
  • longer-lasting batteries, with faster-charging speed. Typically, they are 4,000 mAh for more;
  • optimized touch screen response. There is a model with Hyper Touch, a feature capable of increasing the touch sampling rate. For example, from 240 Hz to 360 Hz. This helps players in games that need quick answers;
  • improved cooling system. That’s because playing for long periods, especially games that demand greater processing capacity tends to overheat the device. Some devices have liquid cooling;
  • custom software, in addition to features such as gamer mode.

Some companies also sell accessories that enhance the gaming experience, such as joysticks and external cases with coolers.

Below, we have separated some of the most popular models of smartphone gamers and others that have advanced features that also make them good for games:

  • Razer Phone 1;
  • Razer Phone 2;
  • Asus ROG Phone 5
  • Xiaomi Black Shark 2;
  • Lenovo Legion Phone Duel;
  • Nubia Red Magic 3s;
  • Nubia Red Magic 5G;
  • Xiaomi Black Shark 3;
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra;
  • Huawei P30 Pro;
  • OnePlus 9 Pro;
  • iPhone 12 Pro.

Free Fire

A gamer phone can enhance the gaming experience of players. For this, an interesting example to analyze is Garena’s Free Fire. This is a survival and shooting game that currently has more than 500 million downloads for Android only.

In Free Fire, players are taken to an island, on which they will have to face each other until only one winner remains. To do so, players use weapons, equipment, and supplies that need to be located in different locations on the island.

Although this game is light, compared to similar ones, and runs well on less powerful smartphones, playing it on a gamer phone has its advantages. For example, more powerful devices allow for greater fluidity, which greatly improves gameplay.

In addition, the high-resolution rate allows for a higher speed in the loading of images, while a high touch response rate optimizes the movements of the avatars by better monitoring the reflexes of the players.

In a game in which slowness in the movement of the characters can cost the game, this is quite a differentiator.

The strengths of the new generation of consoles

Each new generation of games opens up a field of opportunities for various players in the industry, from gamers to business platforms related to games. In this case, the entire industry that involves games will benefit from this evolution.

For example, game developers will be able to take advantage of new features and the increased capacity of consoles to invent creative ways for gamers to play.

This ranges from innovative game mechanics to narratives that are different from conventional ones, including employing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Also, the physics and visuals of the games have been optimized, which allows for more realistic environments and movements.

Game streamers will be able to make videos and lives of new games, in addition to using all the new features, games, and possibilities of the consoles to make analyzes, debate with the public, get sponsorships, etc.

Players will be able to have better gaming experiences. Depending on the game, they will still be able to maintain the progress they have made on previous console versions.

Platforms for selling and buying skins, as well as monetizing games, will also be able to develop new business possibilities based on the advances of the new generation. More complex, broad, and creative games can open up new ways of monetization.

For example, by enabling the acquisition of more realistic and creative skins and items, with more functionality, thanks to the graphics engines and the technological potential of the ninth generation consoles.

In short, the ninth generation of consoles will be able to broadly modify the world gaming market, especially in a context in which the technology is quite advanced.

Recently, EA patented a system that adapts the difficulty of the game according to the skill of the player, which allows differentiated gaming experiences. Mechanics like these may have more space on new consoles, smartphones, gamers, and PCs.

How to prepare to monetize with the new generation of consoles/cell phones/games

If you intend to develop games for the new generation of consoles or mobile gamers and you want to earn income from it, it is important to start thinking about options for monetizing games.

In this case, a tip is to look for a partner who can help you. For example, Latam Gateway. See the solutions it offers:

  • Slip Express — issue slips and get payment confirmations in 30 minutes;
  • Express Deposit — receive by bank deposit and also have fast payment confirmation, within 15 minutes;
  • Express transfer — bank transfer is a widely used method today. With this solution, you will have payment confirmations within 15 minutes;
  • credit card — receive your payments through the main card brands in the market, such as Mastercard, Visa, Hypercard, among others. Still have the warranty against chargeback.
  • Digital wallets — we also support the main digital wallets in the Brazilian sector, which already have millions of active customers.

Besides, through our customer service, we provide customer support in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. We also provide legal assistance for you to sell in Brazil with local payments.

Monetizing with games will be yet another goldmine in the new generation of consoles. Therefore, companies must prepare themselves with effective solutions, such as those offered by Latam Gateway.

Are you interested in the topic or have questions about how these options work? Enjoy and learn more about our monetization solutions!

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