Movies of games: a powerful industry

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Movies of games are the new target in the entertainment industry. (Credit:

Movies of games are the new target in the entertainment industry.

According to the website MEUPC.NET, the game industry grew, in 2020 during the pandemic, about 9.3%, while the film industry had a similar value only in 2018 and, after that, the number of growth decreased significantly considerably.

But, there are still movies of games that involve both areas and are quite successful.

Fans are always looking for a representation that is as real as possible. They want to criticize and always watch to answer the following question: how far do these game films follow the original? where and what has changed?

In this context, the favorites of cyber players are those alternatives that require the greatest graphic use of video cards: Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Assassins Creeds and The Witcher series.

Another point is Mortal Kombat’s new development should bring new profits and move the industry significantly and, of course, calls for extremely robust hardware.

There are those who have been moving the market for years and everyone thinks: what would a film about it be like? In this case, we are talking about the GTA that came to earn more than $ 6 billion.

This value, when compared to the real, reaches more than R $ 30 billion. For development, expenditures were in excess of $ 130 million.

Movies of games and winnings: even in a free option

Game films manage to move extraordinary values ​​and still serve as a trigger for development marketing to take place.

When watching a series or even a video, those who liked the plot can feel the overwhelming desire to play the game and, consequently, acquire the game and the necessary hardware such as Xbox, PC Games, PS5 and many others.

The mobile market already shows the strength and influence it has: now developers feel obliged to also launch a mobile version.

The causes are the most varied, mainly in relation to the current price that video cards reached with the beginning of bitcoin mining.

An RTX 3080 costs about US $ 4 thousand and is only part of one of the most varied components present in the computer.

Movies of games influence while bringing more people into the digital and competition world.

Even though they have free games, they still have a form of remuneration: be it in the purchase of skins or even some benefits such as greater speed or advantages that would not be possible in traditional options.

With a small amount of players to obtain these benefits, which is often a matter of a few cents, the industry manages to move billions annually without even going through difficulties.

Platforms for players who unite and profit

Discord is the main platform for players to meet other people and make friends.

Within the online medium, it is possible to chat in audio, send images and everything imaginable. After Microsoft suggested the purchase, the minimum sale price would be no more and no less than $ 10 billion.

Anyway, as you can see, there is a lot more money involved and that we don’t always stop to think about.

The monetization of game films is expected to increase as well as the gaming industry.

However, it is necessary to know payment methods and solutions for these platforms.

So, if you want to know more about monetization and have some game development on the way, contact us to find out more about our services!

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