Mobile emulator: playing mobile games on PC

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A mobile emulator is a program that allows you to run software from one virtual environment on another platform, such as mobile games on the PC.

A popular smartphone game can attract the attention of those who don’t have a device powerful enough to run it. In this case, playing on the PC can be a solution. However, not always the desired game has a desktop version, which can be overcome with the use of a mobile emulator.

This program also serves for those who prefer the practicality of the computer, the larger screen size, the possibility of playing with the keyboard, among other reasons.

To better understand how this software works and check out some of the best and most famous on the market, keep reading and see what we’ve prepared!

What emulators are

Emulators are programs that mimic the features and functions of one virtual environment on another platform, allowing software from that first system to run on the second.

Emulators reproduce not only software but also hardware functions. They enable programs previously incompatible with certain equipment, such as PCs and consoles, to be run on these devices.

In the case of games, it is common, for various reasons, to lose access to a game we like. For example, when we need to sell the console on which it worked. In such cases, we may have the idea of trying to purchase a version on the PC, but this is not always possible.

For these cases, there are some emulators that reproduce the characteristics of old consoles from companies like Atari, Nintendo, Sony, etc. in the desktop environment.

Sometimes, the companies themselves work with emulators of old consoles in the newer models, so that they can run games from those previous devices.

It is worth noting that an old game can also be reprogrammed to work on a newer console or be multiplatform, that is, it is already released with the possibility of being played on many different systems and hardware.

Anyway, those who want to play smartphone games on a PC can resort to a mobile emulator that emulates a mobile operating system (Android, iOS, or other) on a desktop operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.).

The most downloaded mobile emulators

Below, we have separated some of the most famous mobile emulators:

BlueStacks App Player

This Android emulator for Windows PC or Mac is one of the most downloaded on the market. According to information from PR Newswire, a media intelligence solutions company, the program has already passed one billion downloads. It is currently in its fifth version.

It is worth mentioning that BlueStacks considers itself an Android gaming platform and has partnered with several companies, such as Intel, Samsung, AMD, among others.

Among its differentials, there is the possibility to choose the amount of RAM and how many CPU cores to allocate to BlueStacks, adjusting the game’s performance to that. Plus, it’s free and you can download other Android apps on it.

MEmu player

With over 100 million downloads, the MEmu player is another famous emulator in the virtual environment. Among its differentials, there is the possibility of opening more than one Android version at the same time and integrated key mapping.

This software also has optimized rendering effects of DirectX 3D and OpenGL, enabling you to get better graphics and good images on larger screens. It also allows you to stipulate the number of CPUs to be emulated.

Nox Player

Nox Player has as a differential its large amount of extra features, such as game optimization and multi-instances.

Also, it has an operation assistant that records more complex actions and an optimized mouse and keyboard control, because with one click you can open the keyboard to use it quickly. Emulates Android for Windows and Mac desktop.

Most popular games on mobile available for PC

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Many popular mobile games have PC versions or can be played through emulators. Here are some:

Free Fire

In Garena’s Free Fire, players are transported to an island where everyone faces off until a winner remains. They can pick up weapons, supplies, and equipment to survive the game, at various locations on the island.

With over 500 million downloads on Android alone, this game has the advantage of being lightweight compared to other competitors. This allows it to run well on older or less powerful phones.

In Game Loop, a Tencent game emulator, you can find Free Fire to download on your PC. Incidentally, this service also calls itself the official Android emulator of PUBG mobile, a battle royale game popular as Free Fire.

Among Us

In Among Us, players are part of a crew that needs to identify an impostor among them, who is also a player.

This smartphone game became very popular in 2020 with 264 million downloads. It also has a PC version that is currently paid for and can be purchased by Steam.

Candy Crush Saga

One of the most popular games of the last decade, with over 2.7 billion downloads, Candy Crush Saga has become popular on various platforms.

Currently, it is widely played on smartphones, including over a billion downloads on the Google Play Store alone. To play this game on PC, you can get it for free for Windows desktop.

As mentioned, the games displayed can be played on the indicated emulators. After all, a mobile emulator program is a facilitator for those who prefer to play on pc or do not have a good phone for this.

However, it is recommended to search for games that have desktop versions, because gameplay, resolution, and other mechanics are developed and optimized for this platform. The mobile emulator is a feature that tends to be useful only when there is no such option.

Also, always check the reliability of the developer and the security level of the software used, when searching software of the type over the Internet.

Finally, know that developers can also take advantage of a mobile emulator to test their games, verify that they work well, and identify points for improvement.

By the way, if you’re also a game developer, take the opportunity to learn about the payment solutions for games offered by Latam Gateway!

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