Minecraft: learn more about the successful game between generations

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Minecraft was a game developed by Telltale Games as early as 2015, for over 5 years. And, shortly after that, due to the possibility of being played simply even by people who do not dominate the field, it became a movie.

Nowadays, it is even common to find pirated servers developed to improve the characteristics of the original version, making it present some differentials.

One of the alternatives that stood out in 2019, for example, was the creation of a pirated server by a Federal Institution of Santa Catarina, also known as IFC.

In a nutshell, they created a server with boats, ships and everything imaginable to encourage competition among the institution’s members. Both for those who were residents of Brusque, in Santa Catarina, Brazil, and for those who were in other cities.

This same group was also responsible for developing some other activities in the field of technology, such as an online radio with programs created and designed by the students themselves.

Today, Minecraft makes it possible to create a world of possibilities. Including, the player who is acting can still create a house, building and even a city with all the characteristics of their favourite series, which can be the most varied of them.

In 2020, it came out in online newspapers as MY PC that created a fictional world where several people collaborated to create the medieval setting of Game Of Thrones.

A world of possibilities

The game mode is Single-player but allows users to play online games for other friends to help build, making it even more fun. You can talk to your group and design a building project collaboratively!.

You can create your home based on shows like The Witcher, Sex Education and anything else you can imagine.

In this case, you don’t need to limit yourself to anything. Not to mention that there are historical periods.

Have you ever thought about creating a setting based on Ancient Rome? Or, from the medieval itself? If you prefer, you can also rely on Eastern civilizations like the Japanese to develop your constructions – it doesn’t just have to be Europe, ok?

Before starting your creation, do a brief search in search engines to determine what you really want and not give up halfway.

The most suitable, in this case, would be to use Google Images. This way, the user can understand how big the constructions are, which are the easiest and most difficult. Your lack of creativity must be the only limit at these times.

Anyway, what are you thinking so far? In this article, we’ll cover a little more about Minecraft, its history, how to create servers, how to play it and many other interesting tips.

Keep reading to learn more about the subject — we have prepared a complete guide to help you with all this and a little more!

What is the History of Minecraft?

First of all, it is more than necessary to know a little more about the history of Minecraft. Currently, developers already have creations for PlayStation 4 (PS4), Nintendo Switch, Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC. All with different requirements to play. But, this shows the huge success it has had since its launch for PC in 2009.

There are some disagreements regarding its creation date. For example, some believe that the creation would have been in 2015. Still, others argue that it was only this year that development for the consoles arrived.

The TechTudo portal, for example, says that the game was released in 2009, a long time before, by a Swede named Markus “Notch” Persson.

In November of 2011 (more precisely on November 18, 2011), after so many views and hits, they released the first version that was intended for PC Gamer, named “1.8 version”.

In 2014, other game companies started to turn their eyes to this development.

In other words, they wanted to buy the production. And so, it ended up being sold for a price that, until today, no one has a notion of what it was. So, as you can already see, there are some mysteries around this game, about its history, about its production.

Currently, the game has its paid version to make up for all the development time that the producers had and so that users don’t face problems with the appearance of unwanted ads.

For a long time, it spread on social networks that the paid game would end in December 2020. Thus, raising a lot of questions and doubts about the fans. But, clearly, the game is still in the air, and it was just a mere rumour.

Can you play without paying?

Yes! It is possible to play without having to pay for it. However, this is just the initial game, with no major developments. The website https://classic.minecraft.net/ has the same version as the one launched in 2009 and is not even remembered.

Another alternative is to opt for Minecraft servers. But what is a server, and how does it work?

Servers are a place where someone creates a world and allows, through a code, that other people have access to it. So, everyone can play in the same environment and, moreover, develop buildings together.

For example, there are specialized servers to build the world of The Witcher and other games using blocks.

One of the interesting points is that the user who creates the server — and pays a monthly fee for it but often offers it for free — can determine the rules. Therefore, space does not work in the same way as the traditional Minecraft game.

You can create monsters that must be fought and an internal market that sells and buys products. Note: in this scenario, the server owner also determines the buy and sell rules, how this happens and various other aspects.

What are the profits since launch?

As is well known, everyone who wants to opt for the original version must pay a fee. This fee is used to BUY the edition and all future releases. Within the game, there is also the option to buy items to gain advantages in various ways, especially in Survival Mode.

So it is estimated that Minecraft has made some profit since its launch. And, from 2012 until 2020, the game would have sold more than 200 million copies and had a profit of more than R$ 3 billion. That’s really a lot of money!

The game is present on the Play Store and is already among the most downloaded, reaching over 1 billion. There is no doubt that it has won hearts. And we’re not just talking about the United States or Brazil, Canada. But even in eastern countries, Japan, China and many others.

The IFC de Brusque, an Educational Institute from Brazil, created a server in which the students on the campus should fight each other and create their own clans. This further stimulated the creativity of the constructions along with teamwork. Playing Minecraft also helps you learn to be a more flexible person, to deal with others.

A strong ally for education? Really?

Despite the continuous criticism that some types of games can influence players in Brazil (especially concerning weapons), it is a fact that Minecraft can help in education. Even the child who is learning to read can decipher the writing codes when chatting with your friends and when reading the rules.

Not to mention that it stimulates creativity a lot. It is necessary to research worlds, think about how to do it, decide which theme you want, and how you willdo it. It stimulates strategic sense, develops all sides of the human brain.

Minecraft has been a strong ally of pedagogy. And even from other more specific areas such as history and geography:

  • The game terrains have reliefs such as depression and many others that can be analysed by students.

  • As for history, it is possible to create a world based on image research about a particular society, as is the case of the Mayans, Aztecs and even Romans and Greeks.

  • It is also a strong ally for literacy, encouraging the child to write, read and interpret rules and codes.

Minecraft doesn’t have to be just a game that kids and teens – even adults – play only in their spare time. Nowadays, it can be seen as a strong ally of education.

We have to get out of our minds this possible influence of games. Children also have a critical sense, and this varies a lot. They can often be more positive than negative. Each case must be analyzed according to its specificities.


This process, which was mentioned earlier, is called gamification. That is, when a child or anyone learns in a practical and emancipated way, without someone explaining to them.

In Jacques Ranciere’s work, The Ignorant Master, the French author argues that the teacher does not only need to teach the material and explain.

You can let the student explore and search for it. So, when teaching about Mayas, you don’t just have to talk and talk. Instead, you can allow students to research this civilization, learn to use technological tools and create a world based on that group within the Minecraft games.

Tests, nowadays, are notso necessary because there is gamification to teach. Therefore, the student can be assessed in many different ways.

So, what did you think of the subject? We often never stop to think about how games are related to school. But, it is a point that, if looked at closely, can be pretty interesting.

What are Minecraft Mods?

Another quite common question is what Minecraft mods are and how to play them to get the best possible performance in all rounds. It is worth noting that the original development was created with three alternatives: Survival, Creative and Adventure.

The most used mode is Creative, which allows you to use all the tools to your advantage. In this case, the user can access several different types of blocks without going after them. Another interesting point of the creative is that the individual does not have to worry about food, hunting monsters or items.

Another alternative we can mention is Survival. This one is literally the opposite of the previous one. Thus, it is crucial to go after food and even protection, especially when you need to sleep.

Last but not least, we can mention the Adventure Mode. This mode is one of the lesser-known but is very similar to Survival. The only difference is that the user cannot break the blocks as easily as he expects.

How to create a Minecraft server?

It is necessary, first of all, to be aware of the expenses you will have in this process. But for fun, it can be really worth it. In some cases, depending on your computer, it will not be necessary to spend, and you can use your own hardware.

In this article, we share some tips on how to build a server, where to choose to build it, what to do and all the steps. So, keep reading with us to learn more about it.

1. Learn how to configure Hamachi

Hamachi allows you to merge multiple computers onto one server. So, even before creating your Minecraft world, it’s important to configure it correctly so that it doesn’t show errors.

The user must also choose a configuration type that fits the specified security of which they want. Developers argue that the best alternative, in this case, is to opt for the HOME NETWORK.

The Home Network is relatively stable for those who enjoy games and are in the comfort of their own home.

After that, you must create a network ID and also a password. There is no specific rule within the platform about how the password should be made, but the best thing is to use some features such as:

  • An uppercase letter.

  • A lowercase letter.

  • A number.

  • A score like %&[email protected]¨()¨

This will make your password stronger and not run the risk of suffering from hacking. Another interesting point is that the user can also create an automatic password that is already saved directly on the computer.

If you forget the automatic password, just access your Google account history to retrieve it (everything is saved in it!).

2. Create the server

The next step, and the most fun of them all, is to create your pirate server. In this case, all you have to do is restart the Hamachi you were configuring before and wait for the software to open again to continue the procedure. This takes an average of 2 minutes or less.

It is worth noting that, if you have more than one computer at home, it is best to leave it with the most robust hardware.

Why? Because a Minecraft Server, even a small one, can end up using a lot of space on your machine, making it very slow and crash. In some cases, depending on usage, it may even stop working.

The server on YOUR computer is free. But, if you prefer to pay for a server on another, more robust machine, you will have to shell out more than $ 20 per month on sites like Locaweb and Visão Confiável (if it is a very large server, the value may exceed the $500).

3. Connection

Suppose the Minecraft server is on your computer instead of being hosted elsewhere. In that case, it is important to keep in mind that you need a good broadband connection.

So, keep in mind that the internet via radio will not be enough to meet your gaming needs.

For a small server, the interesting thing is to opt for at least 100 megs of internet.The amount can vary by region, company quality and various other aspects such as inflation.

That’s why we can’t give an average of how much you’re going to pay monthly for this, because it will even depend on the country you’re reading, have you stopped to think? Someone who lives in Poland will not pay the same amount as someone who lives in Canada.

If you have connection problems and your server is having an error, one of the problems may even be your internet.

In this case, it is necessary to see if everything is in order. If it is not the internet, it is recommended to access the Windows Firewall to find out what problems are being caused.

4. Searching

Another aspect to start creating a server is to research which are the competitors so, only after that, you can create your rules and even the type of scenario that should be built.

By researching, it is possible to get an idea of ​​how competitors work and, in this way, develop techniques to improve what they have already done. No creating from scratch without having any basis because you will be subject to many different errors and inconveniences.

Not to mention that this could take even longer: instead of playing and creating a new universe, you’ll be spending time developing rules from scratch.

Nowadays, there are many servers that you can join completely free of charge. That’s why it’s interesting to access, see how they work, the general characteristics, and the modes of all of them (there isn’t just one!)..

And, only after analyzing all these aspects, develop a theory of what it will be like and then start putting the strategies into practice.

Minecraft: how to backup your saves?

Having a backup of all Minecraft games is essential to ensure you won’t lose data with a possible system error and even lose all the work you’ve had since building the universe.

To do this, perform the following procedure:

  • Open a minecraft folder on your computer.

  • Inside the mod, type “%AppData%” and save the file inside your folder.

  • Perform this procedure whenever you need a backup.

  • There, now, your entire game is saved, and you don’t risk losing anything.

Did you learn a little more about Minecraft?

So, did you get a little better idea of ​​how to play Minecraft and have your own server? In this article, we also tried to address the game modes, profits that development has had over the years and even the advantages of being used in education.

Minecraft has been on the market for over a decade and has since brought in $1 billion in profits to its developers. In the time of 8 years on average, it has sold over 200 million copies. This is a lot and shows that it is side by side with major market titles, such as the GTA itself.

So, do you have any more questions on the subject?

Now, we are inviting you to learn a little more about Latam Gateway. Our portal was created to help companies that develop games to make monetization in a simple way without losing the robust side of quality.

We have an optimized system created to make life easier for developers. Not to mention that we have several ways to make the payment, whether by PIX, transfers or deposit slips.

We have been present for over 15 years in several countries in Latin America, and we have partnerships in various banks such as Itaú, Bradesco, Inter, Caixa, Santander and others. Come meet us and discover the new world of technology and development.

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