Minecoins: how to buy it and use it in Minecraft

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Minecoins allow a new take on Minecraft’s gaming experience. The popular sandbox survival game, developed by Mojang, has already conquered millions of players around the world, who can mine, build and explore their handmade worlds.

Therefore, you can play by yourself or in a team to unleash your creativity and construct anything, from houses to castles and anything you want. There are no limits.

The games’ success is a result of many factors. But one of them is the freedom you have to create a world from the very beginning. Consequently, the feeling of going wherever you like, in multiple biomes, and with various resources makes the task of crafting and building even more fun.

Since its release in 2011, more than 140 million active players have already tested the game worldwide. You can play on several computer operating systems as well as on consoles, due to the new versions.

Although the success seemed improbable because of how the game isn’t that easy, in May 2020, it had already sold 200 million copies worldwide. Also, in 2018 it generated 110 million U.S dollars in revenue.

Being one of the greatest educational games, it is a great option to teach kids basic skills to improve their abilities. The game requires teamwork, management, problem-solving, and, of course, a lot of creativity to think out of the box and make things happen.

Minecraft and children

A study from Glasgow University focused on understanding how future university success and Minecraft could be linked. They found out that those who played the game increased skills like communication and adaptability compared to the control group.

Therefore, the game’s structure contributes to the benefits. As there is no direction to pursue, children need to decide to buy themselves how they want to interact.

There are many reasons to keep playing Minecraft and improve the experience using minecoins. We will explain what they are, how to buy and use them in this blog post. Keep reading!

What are minecoins?

Minecoins is a currency that can be purchased with real money to use on Minecraft. It ables you to buy additional content for a better gaming experience, instead of using your debit or credit card.

With minecoins, you can visit the Minecraft Marketplace and buy skins, texture packs, and worlds. It is available on:

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Amazon Kindle Fire

  • Amazon Kindle Fire TV

  • Oculus

  • Windows

  • Windows Mobile

  • Xbox

  • Gear VR

  • Nintendo Switch

The Minecraft Marketplace was launched in 2017 after the “Better Together” update. At the time, all Minecraft platforms were unified into the Bedrock Edition. Therefore, you can purchase items to use on all platforms.

With minecoins, all content has a single price globally, avoiding options to be more expensive depending on the region.

How can you buy minecoins?

It is very simple to purchase minecoins. Firstly, they are available at several prices, from $2 to $50. After you buy them, they are attached to your account and you can use them on all your devices.

All contents are created by players as well as other companies, as the Pac-Man pack, for instance. Therefore, check out these steps to buy minecoins:

  • You can purchase minecoins by clicking the + sign in two places: your gamertag or any marketplace page. Then, you choose the amount you wish and go to your device’s app store to finish the purchase.

  • Stores such as GameStop and Best Buy have prepaid codes that you can buy and later redeem at Minecraft.net. It is the only possible way to gift minecoins to a friend.

Beyond that, you need to know that purchases are permanent and you can’t refund your money. Therefore, make sure they were made with your permission. In case of fraud, make sure you check the support page on your app store to request a refund.

How to use minecoins?

After buying your minecoins, you can use them to purchase a series of items, such as:

  • skin packs

  • texture packs

  • mini-games

  • survival spawns

  • mashup packs

  • adventure maps, and others

Minecraft Marketplace allows players to be in touch with the most popular content released and to specify the items they would like to view.

Check out some advantages you get from purchasing content with minecoins.

Stand out in the crowd

With new skins and texture packs, you can create a unique look. Change your character’s appearance to new outfits or even have fun and try other types of skins. You can be a zombie, an alien, a kpop artist, or anything you want.

You can also enhance your gaming experience by buying new textures. That is a great way to make the game not only more fun but also optimized, with higher resolution.

Discover new worlds

Minecoins also able you to explore new worlds and to discover mini-games to play with your friends. For example, you can join laser tag competitions, play a football match, and have other experiences.

Joining the community takes Minecraft to another level. Therefore, minecoins are an open door to new experiences.

Making payments way easier

Easy payment options make better gaming experiences as we have seen with Minecraft. The possibility of buying items and enjoying a new world at its best turns a special moment into an even better one.

That’s why it is important to guarantee players can make purchases in all ways possible, from gift cards to instant payments.

Latam Gateway is a company focused on providing the best payment solutions in Latin America, simply enabling game monetization.

Check out some of the solutions we provide:

  • Bank slip with confirmation within 30 minutes.

  • Express transfers with confirmation within 15 minutes.

  • Express deposits with confirmations within 15 minutes.

  • Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Hipercard, and many others.

  • Digital Wallers: we cover the main digital wallets in Brazil with millions of active clients.

  • PIX: we will soon provide solutions for this new payment solution in Brazil.

Also, you can count on customer service in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, as well as legal assistance to sell in Latin America. Contact us and learn more about our solutions.

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