International sales: why and how to sell to gamers in Brazil

international sales
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Learning about a market is essential to doing well in it. When it comes to international sales and Brazilian gamers, there is a lot of potential still not largely explored by businesses looking for profit.

Games are highly popular in Brazil, either mobile or console ones. In either case, players are used to buying premium items to gain an edge between matches or simply to alter their character’s appearance.

However, this also means an opportunity for businesses willing to offer more personalized options for gamers to buy such items. By empowering them with choice, it is possible to create a strong relationship with them.

Below, you will learn more about the economic landscape of games in Brazil and how international sales factor in it. Check it out!

How popular is the gaming market in Brazil?

The gaming market is doing really well in Brazil. According to a study by Newzoo, the revenue for games in Brazil was US$ 2.3 billion in 2021. That meant a bump of 5.1% when compared with the previous year.

Additionally, mobile games tend to rake in the most profits. Still according to Newzoo’s study, mobile games represent 47% of the market share, while console games correspond to 29%. PC games tail slightly behind at 24%.

Battle Royale games such as Fortnite, PUBG and Clash Royale tend to bring in the most profits in Brazil. This differs significantly from what is seen in the US, where the most revenue comes from puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga, Two Dots and 2048.

According to a study by Pesquisa Game Brasil (PGB), there are around 75.7 million gamers in Brazil. Of those, 85% have purchased an in-game cosmetic or improvement item in the past six months. This shows how willing those users are to spend money on their games.

What are the best strategies for international sales in Brazil?

As it becomes plain to see, international sales can do really well in Brazil on the subject of games. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities, especially since players can be convinced to use financial services that benefit them and offer additional payment options for purchasing in-game items.

Here are the top strategies you can focus on to gain advantage in this growing market:

Understand gamer preferences

Knowing your audience is always the secret to effective business decisions. The numbers show that they are willing to spend money on games they like when it comes to Brazilian gamers. However, that is not always possible due to technical limitations.

Understanding their preferences is also the path to offering the right services and conditions. When it comes to payments, people have specific needs that need to be addressed by businesses willing to commit.

Give gamers more options

Brazilian players like having options when paying for in-game items. For a multitude of reasons, perhaps having a credit card is not possible, or maybe the games they play do not support Brazilian payment methods.

This means an opportunity for other companies to offer more convenience for players by acting as middlemen.

Sell through online stores

The possibilities around in-game purchases and online payments allow for premium items to be bought through online stores. This means an excellent opportunity for these businesses to target gamers and raise their profits.

This is also a great way to attract more customers to the other products on your online store. By retaining the best clients, you can enjoy even better results.

How LATAM GATEWAY can help you achieve success?

LATAM GATEWAY is the top solution for game monetization in Latin America. This is the best way to offer the best services for gamers to purchase in-game items by using their methods of choice. This will be essential to working with international sales effectively in Brazil.

Here are the top ways LATAM GATEWAY can help you work with international sales in Brazil:

Slip express payments

Offering a payment choice most users are familiar with is essential to obtaining good results in international sales. When it comes to Brazil, slip express payments — also known as boletos — allow for purchases to be made by scanning a bar code.

However, most international storefronts do not offer such a possibility. Those businesses interested in profiting off international sales can work with LATAM GATEWAY to offer slip express payments to gamers.

Digital wallets

Digital wallets become more popular every day, but some countries have specific services that are preferred by users. Choose LATAM GATEWAY to adapt your international sales to Brazil’s favourite services that support most gamers’ preferences.

Those services can aggregate multiple payment methods, ranging from credit cards to money earned online. By offering that possibility to users, you can give them multiple features at once.

Bank deposits and transfers

Additionally, most games do not support specific Brazilian banks for direct deposit or transfers. This represents another excellent opportunity for businesses that are looking into international sales in Brazil. The most significant advantage of this method is the fast confirmation in either case.

With LATAM GATEWAY, you can allow gamers to use their bank of preference to deposit or transfer money for purchases directly, without needing to resort to other methods like credit cards or digital wallets.


Pix is a relatively new system in Brazil’s banking landscape that allows for instant money transfers between people or directly to businesses. It was quickly adopted by many stores and services, as it allows for tax-free payments that are also instant.

LATAM GATEWAY is already offering Pix payments for game monetization in Brazil. This allows you to obtain international sales from this uniquely local system that is highly praised by the public.

As you can see, the path to international sales through the gaming landscape in Brazil lies within a partnership with LATAM GATEWAY. By doing that, you are able to work with the best payment methods possible to target and satisfy Brazilian gamers. They are highly willing to spend money on games, they just need the proper systems.

Would you like to learn more about LATAM GATEWAY’s game monetization solutions in Latin America? Then, check out the website to know all about it.

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