Gift cards: what are they and how to use them in games

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Playing games is a matter of making the right decisions. Not only you need to choose the right weapons, soccer players and vehicles, there is also the case of buying premium items. For that, you can rely on the convenience of gift cards.


As games become more complex in recent times, it is an understatement to say they have whole economies within themselves. Digital stores sell in-game items that offer gameplay advantages or visual changes to characters in exchange for real-world money.


To purchase such items, players can use gift cards. They cost money and represent its equivalent value within the game. For example, a player can buy a $50 gift card to spend $50 worth in items in-game.


Using gift cards can be highly beneficial. For starters, it is a more convenient way to set a budget. In addition, you can gift them to someone. Lastly, they are a great way to buy in-game currency in case you need extra payment methods.


Would you like to learn more about gift cards and how they affect gaming? Then, check out the information below!


What are gift cards?

Gift cards are digital codes that allow players to redeem items or currency within a game. They are usually purchased at a store, either physical or online, by using the buyer’s preferred payment method.


A purchased gift card corresponds to a currency within a specific system. For example, an EA Store gift card is only valid for buying items at that storefront. Additionally, there is the case of gift cards for certain games. A FIFA gift card, for instance, only works with games of that franchise.


Players can buy gift cards at digital and physical stores. In both cases, they reveal a code that allows the value to be redeemed in-game. When purchasing, you have the option of choosing the amount out of predefined sets.


What are the benefits of using gift cards in games?

Now you know what gift cards are. The next step is understanding why they are a valuable part of gaming life. After all, nearly every big online game supports gift cards. Turns out they offer a lot of convenience to multiple kinds of gamers.


Would you like to learn more about the benefits of using gift cards in games? Then, check them out:


More payment methods available


It is common for games and storefronts to have limited payment methods. In addition, depending on the player’s country of residence, these options might be even more limited.


However, since the purchase of gift cards is usually done at an external store, such problem does not exist. One can buy gift cards using more payment methods and redeem them in-game to circumvent any limitations.


Setting a spending budget


Using gift cards in games can also help players save money. When you add a specific amount of money—say, $50—through a gift card, that number becomes the maximum possible amount players can spend in-game.


This is a great way to set a budget and make sure no one goes over it. By adding currency to a game through a gift card, there is no danger of spending more money.


Possibility of gifting


As the name implies, gift cards are great gifts. This is the only way to send friends and family any amount of currency within a game’s economy. Say it is a relative’s birthday and they really love Garena Free Fire. You can gift them some in-game money to buy premium items.


This is only possible through the use of gift cards. Simply consider the habits of those you wish to gift and choose the appropriate store to do business.


How to use gift cards in games?

To enjoy the benefits of gift cards in your games, you must know how to purchase them correctly.


Are you ready to start using gift cards in games? Then, check out the step-by-step process below:


Choose the correct storefront


This is the first step and possibly the most important one. In order to use gift cards correctly, you need to buy them from the right storefront. This is because multiple games have multiple gift cards, and that also applies to game stores.


However, the process is not complex at all. If you wish to purchase currency to use in FIFA, then you need to buy a FIFA gift card. In case you want to buy a game on Steam, then you require a Steam gift card.


Pick the correct amount


One of the most limiting elements of gift cards is the amounts they offer. You can rarely customize this aspect of gift cards, so you must make do with the ones available. So, consider how much you want to buy and pick the appropriate amount.


You can do this by checking all the gift card options at the storefront you are using. They usually go up in increments, such as $50, $100, $150 and so on. However, since there are exceptions, make sure to pay attention.


Choose your payment method


As you know, buying a gift card allows you to use your preferred payment methods. Check the options offered by the storefront and make your decision.


As with any other kind of purchase, you will only receive your gift card code once your payment is confirmed. For online purchases, this usually depends on whether you use debit or credit cards.


Redeem the gift card in-game


You are almost done! After you receive your gift card, look for the code. In case it is a physical card, those commonly require you to scratch them like a lottery ticket. If you bought yours online, they arrive via e-mail.


When you grab hold of your code, head to the game. Look for a menu or option called “Redeem code” or something similar. Then, input your code. Watch out for any mistakes, as the gift card will only work when entered correctly. All done!


The use of gift cards in games is a great way to extend your gameplay possibilities with convenience. Not only do they help you set a budget for your gaming spending, but also offer extra payment options to help you obtain premium items in your games. Consider the information above and make your decision next time you play!


Speaking of extra payment options, players can enjoy such benefits when using Latam Gateway for their gaming purchases. Check out the website to learn more!

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