Free Fire: tips on how to do well in the game!

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Becoming a master at Free Fire is quite the challenge. However, all that it takes is knowing how to practice your skills and stay away from mistakes that can cost you the match.

Free Fire is among the most popular free-to-play mobile games. Its addictive gameplay and low system requirements allows it to be picked up and played easily, which fits into the lifestyle of plenty of people.

As such, there are also many players looking to become pros at Free Fire. If you want to improve your chances of coming out on top when battling for your life, then you need the proper guidance to get there.

You will find all that and more in this article. Below, you will learn how to do well in Free Fire, the mistakes to avoid and what abilities to practice. Check it all out!

What is Free Fire?

Free Fire is a mobile game published by Garena. Further, it is among the most popular mobile games worldwide, with a recorded number of 80 million daily players. Therefore, it is highly recognizable among other shooter games such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite Battle Royale and Call of Duty: Mobile.

It is a battle royale style online game where 50 players parachute on an island and have to defeat the rest until one remains. As time passes, a force field makes the playable area smaller. Meanwhile, users must find valuable items and equipment in the environment, keep their health up and come up with tactics to survive.

Players are also able to pick among multiple characters with different skills that affect gameplay. Likewise, they can spend premium currency on special missions and items to gain an edge in combat. Lastly, it requires mastery of the controls and strategic thinking to eliminate all opponents and win the match.

Free Fire standout features

Free Fire first came out in 2017. Since then, it maintained the goal of being a battle royale game for mid and low specification mobile devices. This is due to the game prioritizing performance over graphical quality, which allows for a fast-paced gameplay even on lower specs.

Additionally, players do not have to travel on foot. After all, they have the option to use the many vehicles scattered around the map to get somewhere else faster. Among the options are cars, pick-up trucks, monster trucks and jeeps.

Lastly, Free Fire stands out from competitors such as PUBG and Fortnite by having much quicker game sessions. They rarely go over 10 minutes, which is great for enjoying a fast-paced action gameplay on your phone anytime, anywhere.

Free Fire esports scene

Free Fire also turned into an esports title, with professional teams formed around being at the top of the global rankings.

The game became highly popular in Latin America, India, and Southeast Asia. Among these regions, unofficial esports leagues dedicated to Free Fire have come up.

In addition, Garena announced the creation of the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) in 2021.

Where can you play Free Fire?

Free Fire is a mobile game. As such, it is developed exclusively for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Currently, it is available for download for iOS and Android operating systems.

In order to play Free Fire, you need to create a user account through Garena’s system. This is done by first launching the game, which includes obtaining a unique ID that serves as your main identification method within the platform.

Because of this account system, players are able to play Free Fire on multiple devices and have their purchases and progress carry over. That is also how users can buy premium currency and items to gear up in-game.

Supported platforms

As you learned above, Free Fire is currently available on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android systems. This means players can enjoy the game on any device that runs these platforms, either smartphones or tablets.

Going into detail, Free Fire requires Android version 4.4 or higher. In case of iOS, players need version 9 or higher to install and run the game.

Free Fire does not currently support PC in any official way. However, some players are able to play the game on their computers by using Android emulators such as BlueStacks and Nox Player. In those cases, players can enjoy Free Fire on PC and Mac.

System requirements

Having the right operating system is the first step into qualifying to play Free Fire on your devices. However, there are other requirements that need to be met.

Firstly, Free Fire requires at least 2 GB of RAM. The game also needs at least 1.5 GB of free space available on the device. This applies to both Android and iOS versions.

You should also consider the device’s processing power when installing Free Fire. According to Garena, the minimum CPU power required for Free Fire is a dual-core 1.2 GHz device (Android) or the CPU inside an iPhone 5s.

As you can see, those are rather low requirements when compared to other heavier mobile games on the market. Going further than these minimum specs allows players to increase the graphical quality of the game.

Controller support

Free Fire does not officially support controllers on mobile devices. However, there are ways to make them work and provide a more comfortable gaming experience for players that prefer this play style.

Multiple Bluetooth controllers available connect to Android and iOS devices. Some of those require third-party tools to extend compatibility with Free Fire. Additionally, others simply touch the screen for you.

However, using third-party tools to modify your gameplay is against the Terms of Service. You will be at risk of a ban if you tweak your controls to gain advantage in the game.

10 tips and tricks to do well in Free Fire

Are you ready to become a Free Fire master? To do that, you must know how to improve your chances at winning in each match. Unlike what most people might believe, it is not all about luck or picking specific weapons. To sum up, you need to tackle it like any skill improvement and approach it from every angle.

Here are the top 10 tips and tricks to help you do well in Free Fire:

1. Pick the best character for your play style

Your choice of character before initiating the match is not simply a cosmetic one. Instead, the ones you pick might help you gain an edge while playing Free Fire.

When you first start the game, your only choices are Adam and Eve. They have no abilities nor boosted stats, but you can unlock extra ones that do.

The secret is to go with a character that fits the way you play. For instance, let’s say you prefer to head first into combat, then it’s better to use an option that has good defensive and healing skills.

2. Play around with the settings

Before you begin playing Free Fire seriously, you should make sure to play around with the game’s settings. That is because multiple tweaks might improve your play sessions and adapt better to the way you prefer to control your character.

One of the most important settings you should take note of are the control settings. The choice between claw and thumb control can make it easier to use your device to achieve victory.

Additionally, don’t forget to take a look at the aim precision settings. It is able to help you get more headshots when you get more used to it.

3. Pay attention to the reticle

The reticle is the small dot at the center of your aim. It turns red when an enemy is within your scope, which guarantees you will be able to hit them. However, this requires fast reflexes.

Because of this, it is important to develop a quick reaction time to the reticle. Never take it off your sights and practice to respond quickly to the color change.

This is even better when the reticle rests at the enemy head. This is another great way to increase your chances at getting headshots.

4. Gear up as soon as possible

When you get off your parachute, you first order of business should be to get good gear. This includes not only weapons but also armor.

The map is full of possibilities for improving your gear, but you must focus on that at the appropriate time. Once you are fully equipped, you can shift your attention to eliminating enemies and surviving.

Lastly, don’t forget to prioritize weapons that belong to classes you have experience with. Do not be satisfied until your load out is complete.

5. Fight in the shrink zone

You probably feel uneasy about fighting close to the shrink zone. Chances are your opponents do, too. That is why you should try to take the fight to those areas as often as you can, since it might give you an advantage.

However, as you are aware, these locations are dangerous. You must keep a close eye on the shrink zone while attacking your opponents; otherwise, you will be caught in the trap you created yourself.

Such strategy can help you trim your enemies and survive for longer periods by taking the initiative in eliminating them.

6. Check the windows

While scouting the buildings around the map, you are less at risk when looking through the windows. In case you use the doors, you might put yourself in a position of vulnerability.

Looking through the windows helps you make sure there is anything of interest inside the buildings. In case there aren’t, you are free to carry on without exposing yourself.

Additionally, you are able to use windows as cover for further protection.

7. Avoid using vehicles late game

Vehicles are a great help for getting around the map, but it is recommended to only use them in early game. After all, that is when the environment is full of players and the distractions are greater.

However, in late game, there are fewer people and you can call too much attention to yourself by roaming around in a vehicle. Therefore, it’s best to go about on foot at this stage of the match.

This is important since a moving vehicle let’s everyone around know there’s a player close. You can move in a stealthier way on foot.

8. Communicate with your team

In a team-based game, it is very important to communicate effectively with your squad mates. This is the key for a coordinated victory.

The voice chat allows for direct communications, so you should use this feature to improve your chances at winning in Free Fire.

Improving on your communications is another great way to get better at Free Fire. Let them know what you need or what you are doing, as well as where you are. Additionally, keep your ears open for their communications.

9. Reload at the right times

When your character is reloading, they are totally exposed to enemy fire. Therefore, this might be something that costs you a match if not done with care.

Because of that, make sure to reload only when properly protected. Always find cover before doing that, as it forces you to cease firing.

Reloading at the right times also involves keeping the right amount of ammo for each encounter. You do not want to run out in the heat of combat.

10. Use diamonds effectively

As a free-to-play game, Free Fire has plenty of premium items for sale in exchange for diamonds. By making the right choices on your purchases, you might gain an edge in combat and get the right items for your play style.

For starters, you can use diamonds to buy special characters. By doing this, you are able to play with the best choices for your preferences. Additionally, there are Elite Passes that unlock special missions and yield exclusive rewards.

Therefore, make sure to stop by the in-game store to consider the items for sale and their diamond prices. Then, plan for the best load out for your matches.

How to improve your skills in Free Fire?

As you have learned up until now, much of how to do well in Free Fire depends on practice. Above all, you need to set aside some time to hone your skills and do that constantly. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to train in Free Fire if you focus on specific aspects of the game and your abilities.

Below, you will learn how you can improve your skills in Free Fire to be successful at the game:

Test multiple sensitivities

In the game settings, you can find the sensitivity sliders. Instead of leaving them at default, you should test multiple combinations until you reach one that you are comfortable with. Keep in mind there are settings for movement sensitivity and aim.

After that, make sure to always play with the sensitivity settings you practiced with. After all, this will help you get used to how your gestures affect movement and aim to gain the upper hand in Free Fire.

Train with the scope

While aiming down the scope, you can further enhance your ability in Free Fire. This will help you get used to the sensitivity choices you made at the previous step while also allowing greater precision while aiming.

This will feel clunky at first, but will pay off well once you get used to the controls. Then, you will be able to comfortably aim in and out of scope much easier.

Improve on your weaknesses

Learning about yourself is the greatest way to train for anything. In the case of Free Fire, you should know your weaknesses to improve specifically on them.

For example, some people have a hard time shooting while moving at first. Then, they should keep in mind that they need to train that aspect of gameplay in order to improve on it. You can ask a friend to watch you play and then point out where you made mistakes.

Focus on weapons you prefer

Free Fire offers a wide variety of weapons for players to choose from. Instead of copying other people’s strategies with specific load outs, you should try to focus on the gear you prefer. After all, it will be easier to master them this way.

Let’s imagine you like grenades. They can be useful to get out of complex situations, but can be tricky to control. By focusing on that aspect of gameplay, you will be able to learn how to use them better.

Practice control handling

One of the biggest challenges in Free Fire is using the touch screen to move and aim. Sure, there are ways to add controller support to the game, but in any way, you need to master precision control handling.

This requires a lot of practice with the right sensitivity settings for you. Additionally, consider how your fingers move and how that affects your player character. This will help you prepare for multiple situations in-game.

What are the biggest mistakes to avoid in Free Fire?

Another important step to improve your skills in Free Fire is to avoid common mistakes that can cost you a match. Beginners tend to have a hard time with the game while making these errors, so you should learn all about them to make sure you don’t have such issues.

Here you can see the biggest mistakes you should avoid when playing Free Fire:

Avoid looting in the open

Any time you are out in the open, you are vulnerable to enemy fire. Therefore, you should be extra wary of your surroundings while looting. This is important since most people shift their attention from their surroundings to the loot itself. Thus, they allow themselves to be attacked by enemies that are in range.

To stop this from happening, make sure to only loot in safe environments. If there is no way to avoid it, then make sure to never stop paying attention to what is around you.

Heal without cover

Another action that leaves you open for attack just like looting is healing. This is particularly dangerous since one mostly heals when they are critically wounded and close to losing the match.

Therefore, make sure to find cover before you begin healing. The map usually offers plenty of opportunities for that, so take some extra time to hide.

Rushing after damaging

Most novice players make the mistake of rushing in the direction of their target while first damaging them. While this might increase the chances of completely eliminating that opponent, it also leaves you wide open for retribution.

Instead, keep a safe distance and maintain your aim locked in your opponent. Minding your surroundings is important even when concentrating on a single enemy.

Playing without headphones

You should always use every piece of information the game gives you about your surroundings. So, this includes audio cues. The best way to hear better in the game is to wear headphones, since no audio is lost to background noise.

In Free Fire, you can hear the footsteps of other enemies and the shot sounds come from their real directions. Therefore, by using a pair of earphones or headphones, you will be able to use sound to gain an advantage.

Standing still too much

Make sure to never give your opponents the opportunity to lock their aim on you. Because of that, try to always keep moving in the game. That means never standing still for too long.

Staying in constant movement while performing any action requires a lot of practice, but pays off by protecting you from attacks. So, make sure to include that among your priorities when improving yourself.

Mastering Free Fire, like any other skill, requires knowing where to improve and practicing constantly. After all, your opponents are also focusing on becoming better, so you can never stop learning how to survive in the battle royale game.

By following the information in this article, you will be able to take your first steps into becoming a Free Fire expert. Thus, make sure to remember our tips, improving your skills and staying away from mistakes that can cost you a match.

As you have learned, you can extend your Free Fire inventory with premium currency. LATAM Gateway offers secure and fast payments to keep you in the action when playing. Visit the website to learn more!

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