Free Fire Max: know more about the new Garena game

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Free Fire or Free Fire Battlegrounds, a.k.a as just Free Fire or Lola is a multiplayer battle royale action/adventure mobile game in third person perspective developed by 111dots Studio from Vietnam and published by Garena on December 4th, 2017.

The open beta version of Free Fire was made available in November, 2017. In Free Fire, up to 50 players fight for their lives by gathering bulletproof vests, helmets, knives, medium and large-sized guns and other items across an island.

The items extend their life-span during the matches, since the only and final goal is killing as many enemies as possible and ending up the match as the sole survivor of the place.

Free Fire and professional competition

The first ever Free Fire world tournament took place in 2019 under the name of Free Fire World Cup in Bangkok, Thailand, with a total of US $ 100,000 in awards. The final match, on 6th and 7th of April, had EVOS Capital from Indonesia as the winning team.

The MVP of the first edition was Kronos, from the Brazillian team GPS Veteranos. Already under the new name Free Fire World Series, the second world tournament was taken to Rio de Janeiro in November 2019 and Bruno “Nobru” Góes from Corinthians was deemed MVP.

The first regional/national tournament to ever happen in Brazil occurred in September of the same year, gathering a total of 4320 players split in 864 different teams. Nobru Góes took home US $ 400.000,00 after winning the second world edition of the tournament.

Other big Free Fire names in Brazil

But Kronos and Nobru aren’t the only big dogs when it comes to Free Fire. Brazil counts with many others among the most famous professional players and Free Fire content creators you can find on Twitch and Youtube. Here are the names of a few of them.

Bárbara “Babi” Passos was one of the first members to join the LOUD team, one of the largest phenomena in the Brazillian scenario of e-sports, founded in 2019. Babi currently focuses on creating content and has over 5 million subscribers on Youtube.

Rodrigo “El Gato” Fernandes is one of the best-known faces in the Brazillian Free Fire scenario, both as pro player and streamer. He is founder of the Los Grandes company of content creation and part of the LBFF, with over 9 million Youtube subscribers.

Lúcio “Cerol” dos Santos Lima creates Free Fire content ever since the game was first launched and had his breakthrough in 2019.  He has gathered over 6 million watchers on Youtube and is co-founder of Fluxo along with Nobru.

Carolina Voltan was the first woman hired by LOUD to compete in Free Fire as reinforcement  to the Free Fire Pro League and currently acts as one of LOUD’s greatest influencers, with over 3 million subscribers on Youtube and over 800 thousand on Twitch.

Victor “Coringa” Augusto came alongside Babi as one of the first people to join LOUD and was hired to play professionally at Free Fire Pro League, the then national tournament. Since then he has been focusing on content for over 5 million people on Youtube only.

Free Fire Max: the dossier

As to the new Garena release, there’s no reason to worry. Free Fire Max lives up to its name and presents itself as basically the prettier version of the beloved original game. To the more demanding players, it promises better graphics and enhanced playability for free.

It takes advantage of the current wave of more powerful hardwares in mobile devices to provide a more immersive setting, breath-taking effects, more realistic animation and full panoramic lobby view. All that with the addition of better maps and a sharing feature.

The company has also confirmed the possibility of synchronization of the old Free Fire profile into Free Fire Max. This will allow the user to enjoy both versions without risk of app limitation, getting new items and characters in advance and playing in ultra HD.

The beta version of Free Fire Max was first released in as few countries as Bolívia, Vietnam and Malasia,  and a closed beta version has come to Brazil only on August 22nd as test and gathering of data for gradual improvements before the official launching.

Pre-registration, opened on August 29th grants automatic access to the global release and, once done through Play Store, adds an exclusive freebie to the pile: the Cyber Max Loot box. In the official Garena website you can also find cosmetic rewards to be unblocked.

According to the Free Fire Club website, the date for the global release of Free Fire Max in Brazil is in between September 27th and 28th. The pre-registration is set to work until September 27th, when an update will be installed to make the release possible.


While the rumour of a full-on PC version of Free Fire Max has been denied by Garena, there’s no doubt that an excellent experience with the new app will require potent devices. For amateurs and pro players alike, 4Gb of RAM on Android is a good start.

For iOS users, iPhone 6S can be used as a minimal requirement, with iPhone 7 as the best option. However, Free Fire Max can also be enjoyed on Android devices with at least 1.5 Gb of free storage space and 2Gb of RAM. 8Gb on both systems assures top performance.

There’s a few days left until everybody can play Free Fire Max. Until then, you can have fun playing Free Fire with your friends and get Dimas for awesome skins through LATAM Gateaway’s payment methods! Head over to the website by clicking here.

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