Free Fire 4th anniversary: all records and top pro-players around the world

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Millions of people play this game every single day. Despite its short history, Free Fire has already set international records as one of the most exciting survival games on mobile.

The Singaporean company Garena released the game at the end of 2017 it didn’t take long to become popular. Today it is one of the most played games in the world, being the most downloaded game of the years 2019 and 2020. But what makes this game so popular?

It is a Battle Royale game, in which up to 50 players battle each other. The game mechanics are quite simple. You fight your opponents with your chosen weapons, rescue survivors, get vehicles, collect gold, and upgrade your equipment. In short, “the last man standing” wins.

Many people have been having a blast playing this sort of shooter game. Two major factors helped Free Fire to become one of the most played games in the world:

  • It is free: Yes; you read it right. Anyone can enjoy playing the game regardless of their location or status in life. On the other hand, you have the option to buy weapons and gear to make your character more competitive.

  • It does not have heavy graphics, which means you can play it even on low-end smartphones. This is why the game is so popular in places such as Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Therefore so many people say that Free Fire democratized e-sports. People of all social classes can have fun playing it. But the game isn’t popular only among the common folk. Actually, it has become so popular even celebrities like Drake and Alok are playing it!

Continue reading to learn more about the most important milestones in Free Fire’s history and the celebrities you may encounter while gaming.

How Free Fire came to be the most downloaded game in the world?

At the time of writing this, Free Fire has over 150 million daily active users (DAUs). Which is more than its competitors such Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, and PUBG Mobile.

After its release in 2017, the game’s success was almost instantaneous. In 2018, Free Fire was already seen as one of the most profitable games in Brazil, one of the many countries where the game is popular.

Since the game prioritizes efficiency over design, its graphics were first met with skepticism by the public. The reason for that is that many players considered Free Fire an “ugly game”.

Yet, Free Fire’s light graphics and dynamic playability made it possible for its popularity to grow fast. It didn’t take long for players to see it as the perfect option for cheaper phones.

The game’s success was also an alert for the gaming industry that for long has been ignoring the mobile market. Free Fire reached an audience neglected by the top Game Companies, which prioritizes games for PCs or high-end smartphones.

Free Fire is lighter and has fewer players per match than its principal competitors, such as Fortnite. In Free Fire, 50 players land on a map and have to use a mix of survival and shooting strategies to kill the other participants – the last man standing is the winner.

Throughout its History, Free Fire Broke Many Records

The numbers of downloads don’t lie: One year after its release, Free Fire was already the 4th most downloaded Mobile game worldwide.

It was also the most downloaded game of 2019 and 2020 and by August 2021 it was in the top 3 most downloaded. It was also the first game in its category to reach one billion downloads on Google Play.

Another reason that makes Garena Free Fire so popular is the community that they built around it. The game developers recognize the players’ culture by making in-game events such as Carnaval, for Brazilians.

Today, the game is especially popular in third-world countries such as Brazil. For instance, on Twitch, the most-watched Free Fire streams are in the Portuguese language. Free Fire was also the third most-watched game on YouTube in 2020, with most of the videos about the game being in languages such as Portuguese, Hindi, and Vietnamese.

Famous Free Fire Players and Content Creators

The free-to-play game is deceptively simple. You choose a character and attempt to survive in a massive, often hostile, area. As your map fills up with opponents, you’ll often fight for survival in tight, confined spaces.

It’s precisely this sort of gameplay that Garena was hoping would attract players all over the world. However, the game’s popularity far exceeded the company’s expectations. Get to know some of the most famous names that you can find in the game:

Nobru – Bruno Goes

This Brazilian player is only 20 years old, and it’s already in the spotlight of games. He received the title of MVP (most valuable player) from Free Fire World Series 2019, when his team, Corinthians, won the championship.

In the same year, he was also voted as the best e-sports athlete and the best Free Fire player by the Prêmio e-Sports Brasil. Recently, he left Corinthians and now has his team, named Fluxo, together with other prominent players such as Cerol (Lucio dos Santos).

Cerol – Lucio dos Santos

Cerol is an e-sports athlete born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and one of the biggest Free Fire streamers in Brazil. He started his YouTube channel in 2017 and today has over 7 million subscribers.

In the beginning, he was ashamed of putting himself online, so he would use voice effects and wouldn’t appear on his videos. But slowly he started overcoming his camera shyness, and in 2019, he received the title of a best streamer of the year from the Prêmio e-Sports Brasil.

Babi da Loud – Bárbara Passos

Babi started playing Free Fire in 2017, and since then relates having to go through a lot of prejudice for being a woman in the gaming scene. Today, she is the Brazilian woman with the biggest number of followers on Twitch.

She is one of Brazil’s most prominent Free Fire players. In 2019, she won the Streamers Showdown, an international Free Fire championship hosted in Bangkok, Thailand.

In the same year, she joined LOUD, a Brazilian e-sports organization focused on the creation of online content about games, that later released a documentary about her life. She has also shown that she wants more girls to play the game, in August 2021 she made a partnership with the other female player, Carolina Voltan, where they announced the creation of Donas do Jogo, a female-only championship.

Coringa da Loud – Victor Augusto

Coringa da Loud is a Brazilian player and one of the first members and main content creators from Loud.

He started playing Free Fire casually in 2018. But it didn’t take long for him to become involved in the gaming scene and start playing professionally. He’s one of the favorite names for the title of Streamer of the Year in Esports Awards 2021.

Yet, this year, he pronounced he didn’t want to play professionally anymore and wished to have more options in his life, instead of being “stuck” with only professional gaming. He increased the variety of content in his YouTube channel and started posting videos about other games, such as GTA RP and Lifestyle.

The Cruz – Phoenix Force

Piyapon “TheCruz ” Boonchuay, born in Thailand, is a Free Fire player and streamer that has won first place in at least 6 different tournaments since 2019.

In 2021, The Cruz’s team, Phoenix Force, won the Free Fire World Series. TheCruz stood out as the responsible for almost half of the kills of his team. In the end, this made him win the title of Most Valuable Player of the Championship and Best Free Fire Player of the World.

Many of the biggest Free Fire champions come from low-income backgrounds and had through e-sports an opportunity to ascend socially. Interestingly, the success of the game was such that, despite most of its players coming from 3rd world countries, the prizes of the main Free Fire championships may reach up to 6 digits.

The most important Free Fire Tournaments

Today, e-sports are an increasingly lucrative business, and the tournaments held every year to attract millions of online viewers can be big events. While e-sports aren’t as mainstream as football or baseball, they are still drawing immense crowds.

Free Fire tournaments have especially sizeable crowds, probably because of the democratic nature of the game, which makes it possible for basically everybody to play it.

Even before Garena started sponsoring official Free Fire tournaments, people around the world already had organized themselves in smaller-sized competitions.

In 2019, the first International Free Fire tournament happened in Thailand. Keep reading to learn more about it and other important tournaments in Free Fire history.

Free Fire World Cup

On the 6th and 7th of April 2019, Garena hosted the first international Free Fire tournament in Bangkok, Thailand. 12 teams from different regions of the world took part. Among them, there were two Brazilian teams: GPS Veteranos and RED Canids.

The competition was a success. Despite it being the first time a Free Fire competition that big happened, it set down a record with over 1 million spectators. According to the data we have from streaming platforms, at least half of these were from Brazil.

It was the Indonesian team EVOS Capital winning the championship. However, individually, the Brazilian player named Kronos Ferreira won the title of the Most Valuable Player of the competition.

Free Fire World Series

The World Series is Free Fire’s largest and most iconic e-sports tournament. More than 2 million concurrent online viewers watched the inaugural Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio was at its peak. Back then, it was considered the world record for a mobile e-sports tournament, according to Esports Charts.

The first edition of the Free Fire World Series happened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the second half of 2019. With over 2 million people watching at the same time, it became the largest and most important Free Fire tournament.

Because of the pandemic, Garena had to cancel the World Series 2020. Later, they substituted it with the Continental Series, a series of 100% online events. But, in 2021, Garena brought the World Series back.

The Free Fire World Series 2021 was hosted in Singapore in May. In this edition, 22 teams competed for the biggest prize pool in Free Fire’s history: U$2 million that would be shared between the top winning teams.

The final of the championship reached another audience record, hitting a peak of 5,4 million viewers, more than twice as much as the viewers of the first edition.

A new edition was supposed to happen in the second half of 2021 in Mexico. However, the event was canceled because of the Delta Variation of Covid-19. In a Social Media Post, Garena announced the pandemic affected their ability to “provide the safe and sound environment”. Thus, the cancellation was inevitable.

Free Fire Continental Series

Because of the Pandemic, the Free Fire Continental Series was created to substitute the World Series.

The Continental Series were three different championships. Different from the other tournaments, was one for each of the major regions where Free Fire is played (LATAM, Asia, and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). They all happened simultaneously in November of 2020, and together, had a peak of 2,9 million consecutive viewers.

After they canceled the second edition of the World Series 2021, there was a lot of speculation about whether Garena would host the Continental Series again. However, up to the day of this writing, the company didn’t announce anything.

LBFF – Free Fire Brazilian League (Liga Brasileira de Free Fire)

Garena founded the Brazilian League in 2020. Nowadays, it’s the official Brazilian league and the most important Free Fire championship in the country.

The first edition of the League in 2020 took place in São Paulo. There was a prize pool of BRL100,000 to be spread among the winning teams. and the top 4 winners were qualified for the Continental Series.

A year later, the 4th edition peaked at 900 thousand consecutive viewers and had the biggest prize pools of the history of Free Fire in Brazil: BRL 935,000.

Free Fire League Latinoamerica

The Free Fire League Latinoamerica is the most important Free Fire tournament in the continent. 24 teams of different Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America take part in this championship.

The tournament showed that the popularity of the game in Latinoamerica is very impressive. For instance, in the 2021 edition, the final of the Latinoamerica League peaked at almost 1,5 million consecutive viewers on YouTube, breaking another record for Free Fire.

Celebrities That Play Free Fire

Despite Free Fire being especially popular among the masses, it is not only played by the common folk. Especially during the 2020 Covid isolation, the game became popular also among celebrities, with many of them posting about using the game as a pastime during social isolation.

Even the Brazilian funk singer Anitta took a chance to play Free Fire. In her first live stream, there were over 800 thousand watchers. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much practice in the game and lost many times throughout her live stream.

Some of them, like the football player Cristiano Ronaldo and the DJ Alok, became so involved with the game that Garena announced a partnership with them. These partners became known as the game “ambassadors”. For Garena, that’s also another way of bringing the game into real life and building a community around it.

From athletes to musicians all around the world, Garena also released in-game characters based on these ambassadors. Keep reading to get to know some of the famous people that are also Free Fire fans:


The Brazilian DJ Alok Petrillo is also a Free Fire fan. He owns his own e-sports team, named Fuego. In an interview, Alok disclosed his objetives in building his team. More than only participate of tournaments, he wanted to provide opportunities to low-income youth through e-sports.

His relationship with the game became deeper after the developers found out he was a regular gamer. Not only was he invited to record songs for the game, Garena also invited him to have his in-game character.

In August 2021, U$1 million was donated in a partnership between Alok Institute and Garena for projects that promote education in India. The DJ’s Institute promotes entrepreneurship, access to food, and education in Brazil, India, and different African countries such as Malawi and Madagascar.

Nowadays, Alok is the most used game character and the only character with a real person’s name.

MC Jotapê

The Brazilian funk singer and actor João Pedro Correia de Carvalho, also known as Jotapê, is also a known Free Fire fan.

In 2019, he impressed the public by recording a song about the game with Mano Brown. The song received much criticism, but not because of Jotapê’s participation.

Mano Brown is the most popular rapper of Brazil, and is known since the 90’s for making music with “conscious” lyrics. Since most of his songs are about life in Brazil favelas, economic inequality and other social problems, some of his fans criticized him for “selling himself” by singing about gaming.

On the other hand, many of his fans fought back the criticism by arguing that Free Fire is a popular game among the low-income Brazilian youth.

They weren’t the only two famous musicians involved in the making of the song. The track was produced by Kondzilla and the lyrics were written by Emicida.

They interpreted the song live in the opening of the first Free Fire World Series, in Rio de Janeiro.

Pamela Rosa

The professional skateboarding athlete and winner of multiple medals describe herself as “completely addicted” to playing Free Fire.

She started playing during the 2020 lockdown in Brazil. Since she couldn’t go out to skate like before the pandemic, she started playing as a pastime.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Also known as CR7, the Portuguese football player became a Free Fire ambassador in 2020 and got his in-game character.

According to Garena, Cristiano himself helped the company with ideas to create Chrono, the character based on him. Despite being based on a footballer, Chrono is a futuristic character that comes from a parallel universe with higher science and technology than we have.

In the game, he is a powerful character with a force shield skill capable of blocking damage by his enemies. To play as Chrono, you need to unblock him using diamonds, the in-game currency.

Hrithik Roshan

is an Indian actor that is also known for his singing and dancing in the worldwide known Bollywood movies.

He also received the title of Free Fire ambassador and his in-game character, named Jai. His character, Jai, is a decorated SWAT commander that has especially useful skills for those looking to take down their opponents.

Jai has a skill named Raging Reload. While playing as him, every time you take down an opponent, his special skill would automatically reload your weapon up to 30%. Unfortunately, the character stopped being sold after July 31 of 2021.

Joe Taslim

Joe Taslim is a martial artist, a former member of the Indonesian National Judo team, and an actor. Nowadays, when he’s not busy, he is also a gamer.

Based on him, Jota is a doublet and parkour specialist designed to display Joe’s famous martial art skills. And not only he became the most used character in Indonesia, his home country, but one of the best-selling characters around the world.

How do in-game purchases work on Free Fire?

Free Fire is a free-to-play game. In other words, this means you don’t have to spend anything to download it and start playing it. Yet, there are some ways of making your gaming more competitive. For instance, there are some additions you can purchase to your game, such as:

  • Weapon skins: you can unlock some of them from in-game events, but you also have the option of using diamonds to purchase them. They improve the stats of your weapons and help you cause more damage to your opponents.

  • Characters: Special characters like Alok, Chrono, and Jai must be unlocked with diamonds.

  • Pets: you can also purchase pets to help you on the battlefield.

To make in-game purchases, first you need diamonds, the game currency. Usually, you could buy diamonds with credit cards, but what if you need more payment options?

Latam Gateway provides safe and complete options to buy Diamonds, with multiple payment forms. Click here and get to know all our solutions.

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