Find out now how you can profit from your purchases through cashback!

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One of the best advantages digitalization has brought to society is the payment methods. Also, marketing innovations have made it convenient to purchase under certain conditions. Cashback, for instance, is already a concept that belongs to the mainstream.

But did you know cashback programs have been around since the last century? In this article, you’ll find what cashback is and how you can retrieve part of your money on purchases through Latam Gateway. Check it out!

What is a cashback, and how does it work?

Cashback is precisely what it sounds like: you buy something and get part of your money back to your account. Some programs may set different conditions for that to happen, like:

  • minimum purchase amount;
  • specific product or services;
  • promotion deadlines, and so on.

The creation of the concept dates to the 80s, when a credit card company launched it as a marketing strategy to attract new clients. Nowadays, most people have been rewarded at least once for purchasing within the criteria of a payment program.

Unlike other strategies like accumulating miles to travel or earning gift cards, though, cashback has no trick involved. Basically, all you have to do is purchase to get back a small percentage of the money spent.

How can you cashback with Latam payments?

Now, if you like to play online games and want to boost your experience, Latam payments may help you with that. Through Recarga Jogo, you can buy Free Fire diamonds, for example, and cashback part of the purchase.

Next, you will get to know Latam partners and what you can have by purchasing through their solutions!


PicPay is a Brazilian payment platform, born with the wave of fintech companies that brought a series of solutions for the digital market. Cashback is one of their advantages.

You can use the app to pay for everything, getting 5% of cashback when buying from stores that work with PicPay. It is supported by the main payment gateways used in Brazil, like Rede and Cielo, and you can also pay tickets, transfer, use PIX, etc.

Plus, every deposit in PicPay wallet returns an income proportionally to the basic APR of Brazilian investments. You don’t have to do anything for that, you simply deposit and start to earn.

Ame Digital

Ame is another platform, launched in 2018, that impacted the payment gateway market. Offering many solutions for people and small companies, Ame gives you easy ways to buy online and profit from your purchases.

Just like PicPay, you can get part of your money back when you buy at one of the thousands of stores that work with Ame. Moreover, in Ame’s super app you have access to a vast list of benefits, like:

  • loans;
  • insurance;
  • donations, and much more.

You can use both platforms to purchase through Latam solutions. But, if you want to have other payment alternatives when playing online, you can also count on slip express and bank transfer. It is fast, safe, and comfortable.

In this article, you learned a little more about cashback and how you can profit from your purchases. So don’t forget to consider these opportunities to set strategies when buying online!

How about getting to know more of the Latam Gateway solutions now? So check out the express payment methods Latam offers to ease your online purchases!

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